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Air Pollution

How to Improve the Air Quality In Your Apartment

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If you live in an inner city, it can be hard to believe the phrase “let’s go outside and get some fresh air.” But despite all the car exhaust, industrial fumes, and smog found in the urban outdoors, the air inside the average American home is still two to five times more polluted. This is […] read more

5 Tips to Eliminate Odors in the Air Vents

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Your living environment will quickly become uncomfortable if you don’t take steps to eliminate odors in the air vents. One reason for your delay, could be the fact that you don’t want to deal with a dead animal in the walls or under the vents. You might not know how to deal with other sources […] read more

2 Tips to Increase Air Circulation in Your Apartment

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Air circulation can have a large impact on the monthly electricity charge for an apartment. How well or how poor air circulates will effect how hard or how frequently the air conditioning and heating units need to function. Especially when there is only one air-conditioning unit in one window of an apartment, it can be difficult […] read more

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So Fresh and So Clean: The Benefits of a Dehumidifier

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A dehumidifier can bring great relief, if you live in a humid climate or have allergies. Few things adversely affect your quality of life like dankness, which makes the air feel heavy. One way to combat high humidity, and to keep your air smelling fresh and clean, is to purchase a dehumidifier. Effects of High Humidity High […] read more

Apartment Cleaning: 6 Tips to Eliminate Odors After Cooking

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Cooking will fill your kitchen with delicious smells, but those pleasant aromas can quickly turn to odors if you don’t take proper steps to clean after you’re finished. Eliminate odors after cooking by following these tips: 1. Store Leftovers Properly As soon as you’re finished cooking and eating, gather all leftovers, place them in tightly sealed […] read more

Are You Breathing Healthful Air?

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When choosing an apartment, diligent renters pepper landlords and real-estate agents with questions about square footage, amenities and security deposits. However, few renters consider the air quality in potential apartments. Most of us don't think about the quality of the air we breathe at all -- until we begin to suspect that the air in our apartments might be making us sick. As we learn more about how air quality affects common diseases like asthma and with new concerns about "sick building syndrome" in office complexes, more and more people are starting to take air quality seriously. read more