Movin’ On Up: 21 Items to Toss by Age 30

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A 30th Birthday Cake, with clutter visible in the background.

Warm, fuzzy memories are absolutely magical. They make you laugh and cry, remind you of both better and worse times, and tell the story of how you became the person you are today. They don’t, however, need physical objects to back them up. By the time you turn 30, it’s high time to get rid of the old — if only for the sake of making room in your home and mind for life’s next chapters.

Here are 21 things to toss by the time you hit the big three-oh:

Bean Bag Chairs

It’s no big secret that bean bag chairs cut the design quotient of a room in half. But by the time you reach your 30s, you’ll find that getting in and out of them is suddenly much more challenging than it used to be.

Beer Mugs and Shot Glasses

Your best and very likely worst memories are spurred by souvenir glassware. Pick out one or two for your remembrance shelf in the hallway and share the leftovers with a charitable thrift store.

Build-It-Yourself Furniture

Constructing your own furniture stopped being fun…well, maybe it was never fun. Once you’ve celebrated 30 years of life, it’s time to invest in pieces that you won’t be embarrassed to leave behind someday.

Cast Away the Cast-Offs

That story about finding that chair with a “Take Me” sign on it in the corner of a backstreet is rapidly wearing thin. If you must, take a picture of it before giving it a final burial in the nearest dumpster.

Cell Out

Keeping old cell phones as backups is so passé. With upgraded models coming out before you’ve even gotten a chance to crack the screen on your new one, it’s safe to say that those old ones are truly obsolete.

Clothes and Shoes

Old shoes and clothes from your youth serve no purpose. It’s unlikely that they still fit and just as doubtful that they’ll come back in style. Donate them to a thrift store and let someone else live the dream.

Cut the Cords

As colorful and bulky as they may have been, coaxial cords will not be making an encore — and neither will old flip phone chargers. For some odd reason, many people have a strong connection to their cords, so you’ll have to be brave when throwing them away.

Ditch the Discs

Every generation must part with a media memory. From LPs to cassettes, 8-tracks, laser disks, and VHS tapes, it’s always difficult, so be as strong as your ancestors once were and ditch the CDs and DVDs.

Don’t Be a Hanger-On

Wire hangers from the dry cleaners barely support a summer jacket, so stop saving them already. There are many sturdier and more attractive options to keep your clothes in good shape.

Flying Solo

No matter how humble or fancy your home is, you’re definitely old enough to live there alone and make it yours. Besides, mixing and matching lifestyles and tastes with a roommate should end at around 30 anyways.

Forsake the Futon

Futons rocked the world when they replaced the old mattresses in people’s living rooms and converted from couches to beds with the flip of an armrest. But that was then. This is now, and now is the time for a real couch.

Funky Flatware

That mismatched flatware you found at the local flea market has served its purpose. Sure, it all facilitates eating, but it’s time to upgrade to a matching set.

Incomplete Board Games

That backgammon piece that rolled into first class on your last flight is not going to come back. Just like those 51 playing cards will never be enough to play Go Fish, all games with crucial missing pieces must go.

Gnarly Food Storage Containers

Rumor has it that plastic food storage lids have been running off with single socks for decades now, never to be seen again. As if that wasn’t bad enough, warped lids will never unwarp. You’re better off ditching all those useless containers, most of which take up way too much space as it is.

Kitchen Tools And Gadgets

Get rid of old spatulas, serving spoons, and other kitchen items that are rusty or broken. Keep the newer ones and spend a few dollars every now and then to replace them as needed.

Moth-Eaten Makeup

Not only is old makeup bad for your skin, but it’s also quickly being replaced by far better products. The economy brands still exist, too, so you can rest easy knowing your new face paint won’t break the bank.

Outdated Magazines

Toss all magazines that are more than a month old. If there are articles in them you really wanted to read but never had time to, you can always find them online at your leisure.

Pillow Talk

Nothing’s sadder than a flat old pillow on a nicely made bed. Pancake pillows also offer no support and can cause long-term pain in your neck and back. That’s probably why sleep professionals recommend replacing them every year or so.

Plastic Dishes

Now that you’re 30, eating off plastic dishes should be strictly reserved for camping and picnics. Some people even believe that food tastes better when served on a bona fide dinner plate.

School Books

It’s common to keep books that you think changed your life, but your third-grade math book doesn’t exactly fall into that category. Donate the textbooks to schools or libraries in need and fill your shelves with newer books more suited to your adult tastes.

Sentimental Souvenirs

Whether it’s a sturdy shoebox, backpack, suitcase, or crate, everyone has a stash of blasts from the past. Keep the best photos but ditch the dried flowers, prom favors, and concert ticket stubs.

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