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How to Start a Recycling Program in Your Apartment Complex

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Starting a recycling program in your apartment complex can allow you to feel you’re living in a more environmentally and socially responsible manner. If your apartment complex doesn’t currently provide recycling, you can try to make one available by taking the following course of action: Talk to Your Landlord Your landlord should be able to […] read more

Recycling Wardrobe Moving Boxes

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Some of those who are preparing for a residential move may never have heard of wardrobe moving boxes at all. These kinds of boxes for moving are not your standard simple cardboard construction, although in some ways, they may not be that different. Wardrobe moving boxes are often referred to as portable closets, because many […] read more

How to Recycle Old Lamp Shades

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One of the best ways to recycle lamp shades is to recover them. Depending on what type of shade you have, there is always a way to update its look. With the use of craft paper, fabric and embellishments, it’s easy to create a new decorating scheme for your living space. Additionally, there are ways […] read more

5 Household Items You Did Not Know You Could Recycle

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Recycling household items doesn’t always mean checking for triangles on bottles and sending newspapers to a recycling bin. Recycling, at its heart, entails reusing items so you don’t waste money and contribute to the landfill unnecessarily. Here are five recyclable items apartment dwellers usually have that they may not have thought to reuse: 1. The […] read more


Starting an Apartment Recycling Program

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You may be passionate about separating your recyclables, but that doesn’t guarantee that your apartment manager feels the same way. But starting a recycling program in your apartment complex is very doable. Most cities even offer resources to help apartment complexes start recycling. Philip Weiss, a Seattle resident, points out that city’s policy on recycling […] read more

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