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Landlord Facing Foreclosure: Who Gets my Rent?

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When a landlord faces foreclosure, it can create a tricky situation for you as a renter. You might suddenly have a property manager, a landlord, a bank as well as other entities asking you for the rent payment. If you’re not sure who you should make the check out to, here’s what the law says. […] read more

Who’s Liable for Bedbug Infestations and Bacteria–You or Your Landlord?

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Landlord-tenant laws for bedbug infestations vary from state to state, but in many cases, bedbug infestations can be an issue of landlord liability. Landlords are often, but not always, responsible for correcting bedbug problems in their apartments, especially if the space becomes uninhabitable. Not all states have experienced bedbug infestations, so laws in some states […] read more

Infestation Prevention: How Do Dogs Get Fleas?

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Fleas are a kind of insect that sticks onto and sucks blood from people and animals, including your dog. These pests are a common problem in dogs, and their bite can even cause allergic reactions in some pets. Knowing where your dog can get fleas will help you to prevent them from getting on him. […] read more

Getting the Most Out of Your Apartment’s Radiator

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Learning how to get the most out of your apartment’s radiator will pay dividends. You can conserve your energy use, which means you’ll have more money to spend or save. Your apartment’s radiator either uses steam, hot water or both to distribute heat. It does a good job of warming you up when you’re close […] read more

Roommate with No Lease: Can Leasee Raise Their Portion of the Rent?

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When you’re renting as a roommate with no lease, you’re either considered a subtenant or co-tenant. The circumstances surrounding the rental relationship and any verbal agreements will imply one or the other. Whether your roommate can raise the rent depends on which of the two you are. Are You a Subtenant? If your roommate rented […] read more

Top 3 Causes of Ants in an Apartment

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Ants are a nuisance in an apartment, because they can tear up fabric and will eat food that has been left out. There are several things that cause ants to be attracted to your apartment. Limiting those causes can help prevent them from even wanting to come in. Here are the top three causes of […] read more

Pros and Cons of Renting Furniture

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Many furniture rental centers entice apartment dwellers each year, with promises of many benefits to renting furniture as opposed to buying it outright. To add insult to injury, some stores are successful in persuading consumers to enter into rent-to-own deals, which are often scams. With so many options for obtaining furniture cheap, including checking the […] read more

Bunk Beds for Adults: Sleeping Solutions for Loft Spaces

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Bunk beds aren’t just for kids, and they may be the best space saving solution for lofts. Adult bunk beds range in size from full to king size. They pose the same risks as kids bunk beds, such as the risk of falling out and injuring yourself. You can take necessary precautions to protect yourself, […] read more

Apartment without Elevator: How to Get Furniture Upstairs

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When you’re moving furniture into an upstairs apartment, elevator access might not always be available. The elevator might be out of service, there may be weight restrictions against moving furniture in it or the building might not even have an elevator. If that’s the case, you’re going to need some help and a little bit […] read more