How to Stop Your Neighbor from Stealing Your Netflix

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If you have a neighbor stealing your Netflix, he is committing a crime. Netflix is a company that offers you the chance to see movies in the order that you want to see them. It’s pretty simple. You log onto their website, pay a small fee every month and choose a plan that works for you. You can opt to get a lot of DVDs at one time or simply just opt to get one at a time. As soon as you watch the DVDs that they send you, return them, and they’ll send you the next ones on your list.

However, Netflix DVDs come in the regular mail. They come in a pretty small envelope that can be easily grabbed through the mailbox setups at most apartment complexes. What’s more, if you leave your Netflix in the open mail box for the postman to pick up, a neighbor may even take it then. If the envelope doesn’t reach Netflix, you’d have to file it as lost or stolen. There’s only a certain amount of times when you can do that. If you have a neighbor with consistently sticky fingers for Netflix, take action. The neighbor is probably taking other people’s mail, too.

Subtle Confrontation

If you suspect that your neighbor is stealing your Netflix-yet you have no proof-drop subtle hints that lets you know you’re on to him if he’s the taker. For instance, ask him if he’s seen the title of the missing DVD. He will know it’s your Netflix copy of that he’s stolen. If he appears instantly scared of flustered, that is very telling. He may be good at hiding it, but this is usually a good way of starting the determination.

If your neighbor does appear flustered, wait until the next time you meet him. You’ll want to then ask him if he has had a problem with someone stealing his mail. If he’s a mail thief, this will also upset him. He’ll realize that you are asking around and getting interest from others, people who he probably has also thieved. Explain how you are upset about your mail going missing. You can opt to explain that it’s Netflix or keep it vague. Make sure to be more extreme that you actually intend to be on the issue. Discuss how you plan on asking or permission to place a security camera on the mailbox or even a nanny cam so small that the thief won’t notice when it’s installed. Let him know that you’re also going to the landlord on the issue. Ask for his help in doing a neighbor hood watch for the mail thief. This will probably be enough to stop him in his tracks.

Landlord and Higher Help

After dropping severe threats veiled by your actual concerns, go to the landlord if the problem persists. You may even opt to go to the post office or local police regarding the matter. It’s best to first get the input and opinion from your landlord. He may actually be willing to install cameras or to keep a closer eye on the mail area. He may even install more secure boxes to prevent future theft.

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