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How To Organize Your Moving Truck Efficiently

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So you’ve planned your move and reserved a moving truck, but you’re not sure where to start with your packing. Maybe you’re a packrat and are dreading sorting through all your possessions, or maybe you’re inclined to throw things out with wild abandon and figure that you’ll just toss everything and have very little to pack. Whatever your situation may be, you’ll need to create a thorough inventory and do some careful packing in order to have a super-successful move. read more

Does Moving Truck Size Matter?

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Moving costs are quite expensive; while there are several things you can do to cut costs, moving truck size is one area that can severely impact the ease of your move. The size of the moving van for your move impacts the delivery time and safety of your goods. Different Truck Sizes Moving companies often […] read more

Six Tips for Doing Your Own Piano Moving

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There is no reason why you cannot do your own piano moving and avoid the cost of paying a professional. Following are some tips on moving your own piano. 1. General Considerations First, there are some general considerations on piano moving, such as whether you are moving to an apartment on the second or third floor and […] read more

Calculating the Cost of Moving

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The cost of moving is something that can add up quickly. Being aware of where the costs are coming from, you’ll be able to have an easier time figuring out where you can potentially cut costs. Packaging Prices You will first need to make sure everything is either in boxes, padded, or bagged as needed. […] read more

Avoiding Surprise Charges From Moving Truck Rental Companies

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Moving truck companies have gained a bad reputation among consumers for charging fees that weren’t discussed or expected. Numerous complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau and other companies to reach a resolution, and to warn others of specific companies. You can avoid surprise charges and disputes if you follow these guidelines: Only […] read more

What Charges Go Into a Moving Estimate?

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It’s important to get a written moving estimate before you hire a moving company. It should be itemized and show everything that makes up your total moving cost. Here are typical charges you can expect: Transportation The bulk of your moving costs will be transportation charges. The moving company will take the total weight of […] read more

Understanding Insurance Options of Household Moving Companies

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Household moving companies offer a few insurance options to consumers. Two are required by federal law, and the others are extra policies that moving services offer. It’s important to understand your options before selecting which to buy. Full Replacement Value This is the most comprehensive insurance option that federal law requires household moving companies to […] read more

No Moving Help? Move In to Your New Apartment Slowly

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Moving is one of life’s biggest hassles, especially when you have limited or no moving help. If you’ve found yourself preparing to move without the aid of family, friends or a professional moving company, your best bet is to begin moving into your new place slowly. Make a Time Line Hopefully if you’ve found yourself […] read more

How Much Money Do You Need to Move?

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We often decide to move apartments to help improve our financial situation: for a better job or more affordable housing. Unfortunately, the process of moving always seems to be more expensive than we anticipate. The little costs we don't think about can really add up. If you want to avoid that unexpectedly low checking-account balance, it helps to make a budget as soon as you decide to move. read more