3 Reasons to Be Weary of Discount Movers

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Discount movers offer relief to renters who cannot afford to pay the high fees of most professional moving companies. When money is tight, you may feel as though you have little option but to hire a discount mover. There is a risk of theft, or damage to your items, and you may want to think it through before hiring one. It may cost you more money in the end, not to mention the pain of being a victim of a robbery.

1 – Risk of Theft

Not all discount movers are thieves, but many thieves hold themselves out as discount movers. They prey upon the poor and those who could use a break in rising moving costs. They lure renters in with low fees, in comparison to what they know the non-discount moving companies are charging. They make the same guarantees, warranties and operate the same way in the beginning. Everything looks legitimate, the paperwork may be the same or less and the movers may smile a lot. They may be the most courteous you’ve ever met. The problem is, you may never see your things again. It’s a scam that takes place all too often. Avoid this by using discount movers that are referred to you by at least two people you know. Call your local Better Business Bureau about the discount movers you want to hire to see whether consumers have complained about missing or stolen items.

2 –  Inadequate Insurance

A major reason why many professional moving companies cannot offer discounts, is because of the requirements under federal and state laws to carry insurance. The amount of insurance they have to pay is a business expense that is passed on to or is shared with customers. You have to be weary that the discount mover may not have adequate or any amount of insurance if the moving fees are low. If there is an accident, you may not have any recourse for getting the money you need to replace those items. Taking a discount mover to court who owns nothing but a moving truck may not be worth it. Call your state’s Department of Transportation to find out whether  the discount mover has insurance. It’s often a requirement that they file evidence of insurance with the department in order to have permission to move consumers within or out of the state.

3 – Non-Reliable Vehicle

Many discount movers keep their costs low by using pickup trucks and other vehicles that may not be the best fit for your moving needs. It can also be inconvenient, because they may need to make multiple trips because of the small vehicles they use. You may have to wait for it to stop raining before resuming or starting a move. If there’s an accident, not having the proper moving vehicle could result in more damages to your belongings. A severe hit to the truck, may be enough to destroy most of what you own.

Be weary of discount movers for these reasons. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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