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Young woman's furniture arrives at her new home in extremely poor condition

Fighting Back Against Moving Fraud

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Moving companies streamline the whole moving process considerably — when they’re actually doing their jobs, of course. In the midst of packing up and getting settled into your new place, things can go wrong quite easily. read more

A scratched hardwood floor.

How to Avoid Scratching Your Floors

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Over the last ten years or so, carpets have largely fallen out of favor as hardwood flooring (or at least flooring that looks like wood) experiences a kind of resurgence. Besides aesthetic appeal, the great thing about hardwood floors is that messes can be cleaned up much more easily on them read more

Heavily Damaged Apartment

What Damages Do I Have to Pay For?

No matter where you live or how careful you are, you’re bound to encounter property damage eventually. As a tenant, what damages will you have to pay for? The answer depends on your exact situation, but there are a few things everybody should know about dealing with dinged apartments: Wear and Tear As a tenant, […] read more

How to File a Moving Insurance Claim

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No one likes to begin a move thinking about it, but you may have to file a moving insurance claim. The top reasons being, loss, damaged or stolen items. That’s why it’s so important to buy adequate insurance for the move, which means paying more than the amount the movers are required to offer according […] read more

4 Questions to Ask Prospective Piano Movers

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Piano movers provide a much needed service, because very few people can move their own piano without destroying it. With that said, you have to be careful in selecting the right piano movers, to avoid paying for someone else to damage your piano. The following is a short list of 4 questions to ask prospective […] read more

My Movers Damaged My Stuff!

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So you decided to hire movers. Congratulations! You’ve saved your back, eliminated about 80% of the stress of moving, and have avoided annoying your friends with the old, “hey man can you help me move next Saturday” bit. read more