4 Reasons Apartment Movers Are a Waste of Money

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Apartment movers are beneficial in some cases, but in others they are a waste of money. Some renters can benefit greatly from apartment movers, such as when the move is long distance or last minute. That’s not the case, though, for many other movers. You would be better off holding onto your money and moving yourself, or finding others to help for free. Take advantage of shipping or other delivery options if any of these reasons make it worthwhile for a do-it-yourself move:

1 – Fees for Loading and Unloading

You might want to consider getting rid of some of your items prior to a major move. Selling items on Craigslist or holding a moving sale can bring in more money, and make moving in simpler on the other end. If you don’t have many things to move, then it’s a waste of time to hire apartment movers to load and unload your items. The movers charge an hourly or day rate for up to three people. You may be able load your own rental truck, or get help from other tenants or neighbors to load furniture and other heavy items. That will save you money on labor costs.

2 – Waste of Time Results in Waste of Money

Apartment movers may be able to move you quickly on the actual move-out day. However, the steps leading up to that, or waiting on the other end, can be slow. For example, if you’re moving from one state to another, you will be told to expect your things in a number of days. Most movers will not commit to a specific date or time, because they don’t want to be sued for missing a deadline. You’ll be waiting and waiting for your things, not knowing for sure when they will arrive. That might mean not reporting to work for those days, so that you don’t miss the movers. You can waste time in the moving process, which means wasted money.

3 – High Insurance Costs

You have to buy insurance when using apartment movers, because of the risk involved. You risk losing your personal property during transit, due to accidents or theft. Adequate insurance costs money, and it’s a must-have. You can avoid that when moving yourself. You will need insurance on the truck rental, or you can just use your car insurance if you’re using your personal vehicle. Even if you were to ship boxes through the mail, you would pay less to insure items than you would if you bought insurance to cover your items during a move. Keep in mind your renters insurance will not cover your items in a move, and the insurance that apartment movers are required to have will not cover full replacement costs.

4 – Missing and Stolen Items

You may lose items with apartment movers. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes, the items are outright stolen. You’ll then have to buy items to replace what you no longer have. It’s a waste of money to replace damaged or stolen items. Avoid that risk by moving your own things.

Don’t waste your money on apartment movers for these reasons.

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