What Is the Most Important Aspect to Consider When Choosing Relocation Companies?

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When choosing relocation companies to hire for your local or long-distance move, the most important aspect to consider is the company’s reliability. A company’s reliability encompasses everything from their background to their dispute resolution process and insurance.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

All interstate and some local moving companies are required to abide by the rules of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a division of the Department of Transportation. The FMCSA collects and makes available consumer complaints, company violations, registration numbers and insurance information. When choosing a relocation company, your first step should be to confirm the company’s registration and number with the FMCSA. If the numbers do not match the paperwork given you or do not exist, you should eliminate the company from consideration.

Also check with the FMCSA about consumer complaints, dispute resolution history and any violation of FMCSA rules. Remember that it is impossible to completely satisfy every customer and that it may be difficult to find a company with absolutely no complaints. Weigh the severity and remoteness of any complaint, paying particular attention to whether the complaint was resolved.

Insurance Coverage

A relocation company is legally liable for damage to your goods during your move and should have insurance to cover any possible damage to your goods. Ask the company for proof of their insurance, either in form of an official letter or certificate. A company that refuses or fails to provide evidence of their insurance coverage may either not have any or have an insufficient amount to cover the cost of your move. Moving companies typically offer two or three different types of coverage and the company’s liability only extends as far as the insurance you purchase. Inquire into what types of insurance are offered and how it affects your recovery.

Dispute Resolution Procedures

A moving company is legally required to provide you with a statement of your rights and responsibilities when you move. The guidelines govern the length of time and communication steps to resolving any claims a consumer may have against a company. Do not hire a company that fails to provide this information.

Check Their Reputation

A moving company will sometimes provide prospective customers with reviews of their previous moves. While these comments are not necessarily false, they should not be taken at face value. Ask to contact references directly. The company may decline to provide previous client’s personal information; in this instance, try a general Internet search to gather reviews about the company.

Go with Your Gut

Your instinct is your most valuable resource when it comes to trusting and hiring an interstate moving company. A company that refuses or only vaguely answers your questions, is late, pushes for you to just sign a contract or refuses to provide written documentation of your agreement should not be hired. Listening to your instinct can assist you in avoiding disreputable companies.

When choosing a relocation company for your move, take special note of their reputation. The company’s background, insurance and customer satisfaction history should be taken into account during your investigation.

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