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Graphic illustrating a potential tenant and their lease guarantor speaking with a property manager.

Rent Guarantor/Co-Signer: What It Is and Why You Need One

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If you’ve been trying to rent an apartment and keep getting told you need a lease guarantor or co-signer, you may be confused as to what the landlord wants and why. Luckily, it’s not so complicated to understand, although it might be difficult to find someone who’s willing to fill the position. read more

Credit gauge indicates an excellent credit score.

Hard Vs. Soft Credit Checks: What’s the Difference?

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If you’re planning on moving into a new apartment or renting for the first time, you’ve probably thought more than once about how a credit check by a prospective landlord would affect your chances of locking down the place you want. read more

a woman filling out a rental application in front of an eager landlord.

Breaking Down the Rental Application Process

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Renting your first apartment is one of the biggest milestones of your adult life. Whether you’re coming straight from your parents’ house or transitioning from the dorms, this is certainly a big step towards becoming independent and learning how to make it on your own. But before any of that happens, you’ll have to fill […] read more

Close-up of a hand filling out a criminal background check request.

What Does a Tenant Background Check Cover?

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Tenant background checks make up a perfectly normal part of the rental process. Whether you’re signing a long-term lease or just a month-to-month agreement, most landlords will want to know if you’re trustworthy, financially stable, and free of a criminal past before agreeing to take you in. read more

Roommate Background Check: Keeping Yourself Safe

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For some who share apartment spaces in informal or even more formal group releases, a background check can help out in those times when a new roommate appears somewhat threatening or potentially dangerous. It’s not always easy to screen individuals who show up to rent in a shared space, and a quick check of various […] read more

The Consequences of Providing False Information on Your Rental Application

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Renting an apartment may be tricky if you have had trouble in the past. By providing false information on your rental application will only ensure more trouble. Before the Lease Is Signed If you lie on an application, more than likely the truth will be found out before the lease is signed. Landlords give the […] read more

Does a Criminal Record Prevent You from Leasing an Apartment?

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While the process of leasing an apartment may be tricky to some, those with a criminal record may find it almost impossible. A criminal record may prevent the leasing of an apartment. However, there may be some steps to take to turn the impossible into something manageable. Be Upfront About The Past A landlord might […] read more

How a Previous Eviction Can Affect Your Current Apartment Lease Application

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Renting an apartment in today’s world almost always includes a lease application. Background checks, credit checks and a person’s demeanor are almost always used when choosing a renter; and having a previous eviction on your record is usually a huge red flag. Most landlords will not grant a second chance to you. They are usually looking for […] read more

What Information is Disclosed during a Tenant Screening?

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Landlords use tenant screening as a method to protect their asset: the apartment. The rationale is that the more effective tenant screening they can conduct upfront, the less likely they’ll end up with a tenant who doesn’t pay rent or is likely to damage the property. Here’s the information that you can expect to disclose […] read more