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4 Instances a Landlord Can Terminate Your Lease

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A landlord can terminate a lease for any reason allowed under state law and the lease agreement. It’s never a happy ending when the landlord has to go through the legal hoops to get a tenant out of an apartment. It’s better to resolve any issues prior, which may help you rent a future apartment. […] read more

Lease Termination and the Proper Steps to Take

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When considering lease termination, nothing replaces the advice of an attorney that specializes in real estate law. However, there are a few general things to keep in mind should you decide to terminate your lease early. Read the Lease Agreement Carefully This is key! Lease agreements can be very confusing and full of legal jargon. Read through […] read more

Terminating a Lease: Know Your Rights

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Before you terminate a lease, you should be sure to know your rights as a tenant. These rights will vary depending upon the jurisdiction where you live. Despite what may or may not be written into the lease, you will have certain rights under the law. There could be any number of reasons why you […] read more

What to Include in a Lease Termination Letter

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If you’re preparing to write a lease termination letter, there are some specific items you must include to ensure your request is approved, and that you protect yourself while still fulfilling your obligations under your current lease agreement. What Is a Termination Letter? Should you have serious issue with your current residence, lease terms or management, you […] read more

What Does the Landlord Tenant Act Do for Me?

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At some point during their lease period, many renters will want to take advantage of a landlord tenant act to get more detail on the law regarding their rental situation. Knowing more about this kind of legislation gives tenants a greater hand in negotiating with their landlords over their housing environment and other issues. What […] read more

5 Legal Forms Every Tentant Should Have on Hand

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There are a number of legal forms that you need as a tenant. Many are intimidated by legal documents, and therefore avoid having any legal forms. Here’s a list with explanations of 5 legal forms that you need to have on hand: 1. Lease Agreement If you’ve already signed a lease agreement, then you want […] read more

Can I Rent My Apartment to Get Out of My Lease Early?

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At some point in your life as a renter, the situation may present itself that you need to move out of your apartment before your apartment lease has expired. Often, the early termination of a rental agreement results in expensive penalties or the loss of your security deposit; so you may ask yourself, “Can I […] read more

When to Choose a Short, Long or Month-to-Month Apartment Lease

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Depending on your life situation, you may not be in the market for a traditional twelve month apartment lease. Fortunately, you have options. Know when to choose a short, long or month-to-month apartment lease by reading below. When to Choose a Short Lease Short leases are typically offered in three-month increments (three months, six months or […] read more

Provisions That Any Residential Lease Agreement Should Include

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Once your rental application has been accepted, and you are ready to sign the lease agreement, it is important to remember that signing a lease is a serious matter. Leases are legal documents, so it is important that the agreement is clear and complete. In order to be complete, the agreement should include the provisions detailed […] read more