Need Some Extra Cash? Here are 9 Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

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Man works on graphic designs from the comfort of his home.

Even if you have a decent full-time job, there’s bound to be something shiny that catches your eye that you could have if you just had a little more cash flow — and one of the best things about modern technology is how easy it’s making it to earn that extra money without ever leaving home. Most won’t pay enough to allow you to retire or quit your regular job, but all of them will allow you to save more and spend a little more on the things you really want.

Be sure to read though these 9 money-making options carefully. After all, you might discover more than one way to boost your income while wearing PJs and relaxing on the sofa.

Become a Virtual Assistant

The 21st-century version of an Administrative Assistant, this job is a necessity in nearly every industry imaginable. You’ll typically be responsible for daily tasks like replying to emails, inputting data, and scheduling appointments, but you’ll also be on-call for special projects. Some Virtual Assistant positions will require you to answer customer inquiries, but none of them are explicitly sales jobs or based on commission. Hours are also typically flexible and vary by company. If you are trained in a specialty like transcription or coding or are multilingual, you’ll find that salaries and opportunities increase substantially.

Redesign Websites

Check out the websites of local small businesses. If you see one that needs help, offer to redesign it for better efficiency and increased profits. People with computer savvy and artistic vision and can establish partnerships with corporations by putting together a sample portfolio of design work beforehand. Look into a few do-it-yourself web design sites for tips on what people are looking for and how make yourself an “expert” on the subject.

Blog for Money

If your friends and family are a bit fatigued from listening to you go on and on about the history of green-eyed cats, how to pickle fresh vegetables in 20 minutes, or why you hate Disneyland so much, you may want to consider putting your thoughts out in a blog instead. Guest blog pay varies, but if you start your own site and embrace money-making options like paid ads and affiliate marketing, you should be able to create a steady stream of revenue that will grow over time as your blog gains popularity. You can also promote your blog using a variety of free social media outlets.

Do Some Freelance Proofreading

Some people have a gift for glancing at copy and immediately picking out typos, misspellings, poor grammar, and confusing syntax. Believe it or not, online proofreading jobs will actually pay you for that talent. Whether it’s looking over college term papers, menus, business correspondence, website copy, or a novel, freelance proofreading jobs are available in a wide range of niches around the world, and almost all of them are done remotely.

Join an Odd Jobs Website

People need help with all sorts of tasks: putting together flat-pack furniture, cooking, yard maintenance, gardening, paying bills, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. If it’s a daily part of life, chances are someone needs assistance with it. Instead of marketing yourself on a message board, sign yourself up to a legit odd jobs website. From there, you’ll be able to bid on jobs, read reviews of your services (as well as reviews of competitors and clients), and work when and wherever you want.

Remote Amazon Jobs

Amazon doesn’t just rely on fast packers and dependable delivery drivers to get things done. In fact, they employ thousands of remote workers to ensure that everything runs smoothly and problems are resolved as quickly as possible. These workers’ tasks range from data entry to customer service and inventory control. Pay varies by position, but you can do the jobs from anywhere, and often 24 hours a day, so the flexibility is pretty much unrivaled.

Take Online Surveys

This is one of the most challenging work-from-home ways to make money, but you don’t need any skills to do it. Just analyze websites, share your opinions on a wide range of subjects, and participate in company-specific marketing studies. Most surveys will usually pay you via an online platform like PayPal or award you a set number of points you can redeem for gift cards later on.

Teaching Online

Teaching in conventional classroom settings doesn’t always work for everyone, especially those who have small children at home or live too far from any brick-and-mortar institutions for it to be practical and/or profitable. But why not use that teaching license or accreditation to teach online? Keep in mind that your chances of landing a solid online teaching position increase substantially if you specialize in a basic subject like science, math, or English.

Test Websites and Apps

Companies are always looking for consumers to test out their new and/or upgraded websites. They need honest feedback from typical visitors to analyze all aspects of their websites, from visual appeal to ease of navigation, link performance, app accessibility, clarity of writing, and even general flow. Paying people to work out all the bugs before a formal launch is imperative to how a site is received and keeps customers coming back long after their first visit.

Working from home certainly generates extra income, but like any job, it takes commitment and patience. At the end of the day, only you can decide if you’re truly ready to get your side hustle on.

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