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Robot vacuum cleaner zooms by a person's feet to clean hardwood floors.

How to Pick the Best Robot Vacuum for Your Apartment

Robot vacuums are game-changers for anyone who vacuums a lot. read more

Ants crawl all over a spilt jar of sugar in a contemporary kitchen space.

Our Guide to Getting Rid of Annoying Ants (for Good)

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Open windows, cracks in the wall, spaces in the baseboards, even the natural process of entering and exiting — all these things leave the door wide open for pesky insects to find their way into your apartment. read more

Woman cleans the handles on her kitchen cupboards — a commonly missed spot when people clean their apartments.

Tips for Cleaning 5 Overlooked Spots in Your Apartment

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We all have to clean our apartments regularly to keep them comfortable. read more

Woman cools herself during the hot summer by relaxing in front of her open fridge.

How to Prepare Your Apartment for the Hot Summer Ahead

While the start of summer is technically still a calendar page away, Memorial Day is already behind us, leaving most people in the mood to start their summertime fun a little early read more

Cleaning a carpet with DIY solution

9 TikTok Cleaning Hacks for a Spotless Apartment

If you’re a regular user of the popular social media app, you already know TikTok is great for sharing your dance moves. read more

As an essential worker, this young grocery store cashier has to take extra precautions to make sure she's not bringing any germs into her home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Going Back to Work? Here’s How to Keep the Inside of Your Home Germ-Free

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As US restrictions on social interaction become more and more flexible, many people are excited to return to work outside of their homes. Unfortunately for us all, the pandemic is still far from over, and keeping our homes free of germs and safe for our families should absolutely still be our top priority. read more

Man uses lemon and salt to get an unsightly wine stain out of his carpet.

How to Remove Wine Stains from Carpet and Furniture

One of the best things about the 80s was that just about everyone drank white wine. People partied with abandon, and a splash or spill was hardly acknowledged because white wine doesn’t stain read more

A couple works together to paint their apartment quickly and efficiently.

17 Time-Saving Painting Hacks

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Painting is a time-consuming task, no matter what size space you’re dealing with. To make the job go faster, you’ll want to use every hack you can read more

An apartment wall covered with unsightly rust stains

5 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Rust Stains In Your Apartment

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Rust is a natural process caused by the exposure of metal to moisture. It turns surfaces brown or orange over time, detracting from their original shiny or matte silver metal finish. read more