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Young girl in the middle of a home yoga session

Home Yoga: An Easy Path to Inner Peace and Personal Growth

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After a few days or maybe a week of self-quarantine, most people get edgy. There are no more cookies to bake or board games to play, and the phrase “Netflix and chill” has turned from a light-hearted suggestion to a last-ditch chance at entertainment. And whether you’re hunkered down completely alone or with a few […] read more

Home Gym

Creating a Home Gym

You might think that a fully-functional home gym could never fit inside of your small apartment, but if you use a bit of ingenuity and some inventive storage solutions, you’ll find that you have plenty of space to work up a sweat. read more

Save Money with a Home Gym

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You don’t have to spend excess money on membership fees to a health club when you invest in a home gym. There are simple tools and equipment you can buy that will get you the physical and health results you want, for a fraction of the cost of paying to access a commercial gym. Here […] read more

No Gym? No Problem! 3 Simple Home Workouts

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Don’t let your apartment’s lack of a gym complex keep you from breaking a sweat–home workouts are your solution. Not only do home workouts allow you to stay fit from the comfort of your own apartment, they don’t require using fancy equipment. Here are three simple home workouts for you to try. 1. Cardio Circuit […] read more

Space-Saving Exercise Equipment

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You may think having exercise equipment in your apartment takes up too much space, but you are wrong. In today’s fitness market, there are many space saving equipment options available. Owning your own exercise equipment doesn’t have to mean giving up extensive floor space in your apartment. Treadmills Treadmills can be purchased at most department stores […] read more