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Young woman stays fit by doing an at-home dumbbell workout.

The Best At-Home Exercise Equipment for Apartment Dwellers

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Most of us had to change our daily routines, lifestyles, and working habits as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic read more

Young girl in the middle of a home yoga session

Home Yoga: An Easy Path to Inner Peace and Personal Growth

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After a few days or maybe a week of self-quarantine, most people get edgy. There are no more cookies to bake or board games to play, and the phrase “Netflix and chill” has turned from a light-hearted suggestion to a last-ditch chance at entertainment. And whether you’re hunkered down completely alone or with a few […] read more

A young woman eating a delicious salad in the comfort of her kitchen.

Healthy Habits to Work Into Your Home Life

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While habits are often portrayed in a negative light, good habits like bathing, brushing your teeth, and feeding your goldfish can also be established. The best part is, incorporating patterns into your daily life that boost your physical and mental health is easy — especially if you ease into them and allow them to bloom […] read more

The Importance of Dog Exercise for Stress-Free Apartment Life

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Daily dog exercise is an essential part of a happy, healthy dog’s life. Although it can be easy to put off taking the dog out for a walk or a game in the park during a hectic life—even more so if the weather is crummy or cold—it is essential that you establish an exercise routine […] read more