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Creating a Yoga Space for Your Apartment

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Creating a proper yoga space in your apartment is essential for practicing yoga. Having the space will also encourage you to practice yoga more often, which can help reduce your stress and improve your health. Setting Aside the Adequate Space Yoga will require you to bend, stretch and flex into all sorts of positions. You’ll […] read more

Finding a Home to Fit Your Lifestyle

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Finding a home to fit your lifestyle can be a big challenge. There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right apartment, house or condo. The best way to narrow down your options is to take a look at your lifestyle and priorities. Chances are there is an option that will work […] read more

6 Scenarios to Get to Know Your Neighbors

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One of your first goals, when moving to a new apartment, should be to get to know your neighbors. Community living is part of what apartment life is all about. A typical apartment complex offers several ways to make contact with your neighbors. 1. Moving Day As stressful as moving can be, you’re bound to […] read more

Are Luxury Apartments Worth the Extra Cost?

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Luxury apartments are a very interesting mystery for a lot of people, but are they worth the extra cost? For starters, let’s answer those questions, and see what luxury apartments include. Doorman & Porter Service Luxury apartment buildings usually include a 24-hour doorman, and porter service. This means that all of your guests will be […] read more

What to Look for in Short Term Furnished Apartments

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The number one factor that moves people to rent short-term furnished apartments is saving money. A furnished apartment, besides having some of the facilities of a hotel suite, costs less than the latter. It will also usually come with its own functional kitchen, so you can cook your meals yourself, which is usually not possible […] read more

Space-Saving Exercise Equipment

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You may think having exercise equipment in your apartment takes up too much space, but you are wrong. In today’s fitness market, there are many space saving equipment options available. Owning your own exercise equipment doesn’t have to mean giving up extensive floor space in your apartment. Treadmills Treadmills can be purchased at most department stores […] read more

Apartment Workout Room Etiquette

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Having a workout room in your apartment building can greatly enhance your quality of life. Aside from improving your health and reducing stress, it can provide an opportunity to meet your neighbors. Unlike members of a fitness club, the people using your apartment workout room are also your neighbors, who you live with and see […] read more