No Gym? No Problem! 3 Simple Home Workouts

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Don’t let your apartment’s lack of a gym complex keep you from breaking a sweat–home workouts are your solution. Not only do home workouts allow you to stay fit from the comfort of your own apartment, they don’t require using fancy equipment. Here are three simple home workouts for you to try.

1. Cardio Circuit

The most efficient way to stay fit is to do interval training. Interval training is a workout where you rotate short periods of cardio with short periods of muscle conditioning. For example, if you were to work out for 30 minutes, a session might consist of five three-minute cardio bursts intertwined with five three-minute sets of strength training moves.

Cardio moves that tend to be suitable in all apartments are:

  • jumping jacks
  • “fake” jump roping (jump up and down and circle your arms in the motion you’d move them were you physically holding a jump rope)
  • butt kicks (a modified form of running where you try to kick your butt when you bring your legs back)
  • a boxer’s jog with basic punches
  • jogging in place

However, you can substitute these movements with anything that get your heart rate up. Do three of the moves, each for one minute a piece, for each three-minute cardio section.

For your muscle conditioning sections, having a set of hand weights will be helpful. You can use them to do:

  • basic bicep curls
  • tricep kick backs
  • shoulder presses
  • chest flies

Do a search online or pick up a fitness magazine for helpful demonstrations of how to correctly execute these moves (as well as others). A Pilates or yoga mat will also be useful to add some cruches to your workout at the very end.

2. Stair Climb

Who needs a stair-stepper machine when you can do the same thing at home? Climbing stairs at a fast pace is an excellent way to get raise your heart rate and get a good cardio workout. Be efficient and make the most of your time by doing bursts of intense climbing mixed in with periods of lower intensity movement. Put on your iPod and and warm up to the first song that comes on, walking up and down the flights of stairs at a normal pace. When the next song comes on, kick it up a notch and move up as fast as you can. Do this for the entire song if you can. When a new song comes on, slow down again. Go back and forth with your pace each time a new song comes on for an effective cardio interval workout.

3. Work Out Videos

Home fitness videos are perfect if you like variety. You can find videos for any kind of fitness including Pilates, tae bo, basic aerobics and yoga. Purchase several videos and rotate them on different days of the week. Looking for suggestions? Jillian Michaels, personal trainer from The Biggest Loser, has a great workout video out called The 30-Day Shred. It only requires a set of hand weights and a yoga mat.

Of course, you can always take to walking, jogging or running outside, should you crave more variety in your gym-less workouts.


Rachael Weiner: I’m a communications professional for a non-profit, which financially necessitates my status as an apartment dweller. Constantly “on-the-go,” I’ve resided in five different apartments across the United States over the past five years. Roommate issues, budgeting, organizing and handling problem neighbors are my specialty.

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