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Home Gym

Creating a Home Gym

You might think that a fully-functional home gym could never fit inside of your small apartment, but if you use a bit of ingenuity and some inventive storage solutions, you’ll find that you have plenty of space to work up a sweat. read more

Space Saving Solutions: Multipurpose Furniture Options to Consider

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In apartment living, every bit of space needs to be taken advantage of. One way to accomplish this is by using furniture that serves more than one purpose in the room. This type of multi purpose furniture is becoming  more common and saves space in smaller apartments. Ottomans that also Function as Storage Ottomans are […] read more

Multi-Purpose Furniture for Small Spaces

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Small spaces in a home can be decorated in warm and cozy way or if done incorrectly, can appear cluttered and cramped. Furniture for small spaces is one of the most important factors to consider. The furniture in a small space can make or break the space and should be thought through thoroughly before purchasing. […] read more