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When to Hire Someone to Clean Your Apartment

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You may need help here and there to clean your apartment. Some renters choose to hire help on a regular basis, but it’s not the best choice if you’re living on a tight budget. Here are some scenarios in which getting additional help may be appropriate: When You’re Moving Out Moving out of an apartment […] read more

4 Games to Play at an Apartment Baby Shower

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Hosting a baby shower in your apartment can be an exciting event. If you want to host one, you should consider having some games for everyone to play. Here are some suggestions for games that are popular at apartment baby showers. 1. Unscramble the Name For some, this is a very challenging game for a […] read more

How to Exterminate Spiders in Your Apartment

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This article will discuss how to exterminate spiders. Make Life Uncomfortable for Them One of the best ways to exterminate spiders it to make their lives miserable. Get rid of all the cob webs that they create on your walls, so that they don’t have any place to return to for food or rest. That […] read more

How to Schedule a Full Day of Apartment Tours

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When you are seeking your new apartment home, scheduling apartment tours is something that can take up a lot of time. It’s easy to agree to go thirty minutes out of your way just to see one place. Instead, be wise about it. Creating a full day for the apartment hunting can save a lot […] read more

Best Mop for Your Apartment Flooring

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The best mop for your apartment depends on the flooring you have, and whether you spot clean or clean the entire floor. You also have to consider the weight of the mop if you have back or mobility problems. Dust Mop You’ll cut down the time you spend mopping the floors significantly if you use […] read more

Apartment Laundry: 4 Things to Take Caution of When Washing

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Having access to an apartment laundry room in your apartment complex can save you trips to the laundromat and free up space in your apartment that would otherwise be taken up with an in-unit washing machine. However, there are a number of things you should consider when doing your laundry in the complex’s laundry room. […] read more

7 Ways to Prevent Scratches on Hardwood Flooring

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If builders installed your flooring hardwood style, you may be looking at ways to keep your nice wooden floors from being scratched. A variety of common tips and guidelines can help keep hardwood floors looking good in homes. 1. Rugs and Carpeting One of the best ways to protect your hardwood floors is with additional […] read more

4 Things to Learn from Your First Apartment

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Once you have the experience of renting your first apartment, it’s important to hang on to the many lessons learned. You’ll become a savvier tenant as a result, and know what to look for and what to avoid when you’re moving to a new place. Some of the things you need to learn are: 1 […] read more

5 Must-Haves for Your Apartment TV Room

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When it comes to the TV room in your apartment, you want to think comfort, fun and style. There are some essentials and must-haves that will make sure that you and your guests are able to relax and enjoy any TV program or movie in the privacy of your own apartment’s TV room. 1. TV […] read more