5 Must-Haves for Your Apartment TV Room

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When it comes to the TV room in your apartment, you want to think comfort, fun and style. There are some essentials and must-haves that will make sure that you and your guests are able to relax and enjoy any TV program or movie in the privacy of your own apartment’s TV room.

1. TV Stand vs. Entertainment Center

Depending on the size of your TV room, you’ll want to get either a TV stand or an entertainment center. A TV stand is a stylish shelf designed to hold the size and weight of a television, as well as built for optimal viewing level. An entertainment center can house the TV, as well as other electronics, books and a full DVD collection. Start with picking just the right piece for your apartment’s TV room, as it will be the focal point of the room and will set the style for the rest of the decor to match. You may opt to buy one that’s a traditional wood, a shade of black or brown, or brightly colored for a more funky statement.

2. Lush Seating Arrangements

Opt for a sofa or loveseat as the main seating area of the TV room. Decorate with matching chairs and recliners, depending on how much space and how many visitors you are expecting to frequently enjoy the TV room with you at your apartment. If you have a limited budget, don’t be afraid to look at thrift shops for couches and chairs; mixing and matching complimentary colors can look really cool in a TV room.

3. Art That Reflects You

Opt for art in your TV room that best reflects your passions. If you have a favorite television show or movie, a framed poster or two as a centerpiece above the sofa can really compliment the theme of a TV room; it can also bring a smile to your face in your entertainment haven.

4. Coffee Table

A coffee table is a must-have for a TV room. It’s more than a place to prop your feet on as you watch your favorite television shows and movies. A coffee table allows you to soften the look of a TV room, so that it has more of a home feel, and it also allows you to display things that reflect who you are. Choose art, photography or other types of coffee table books that you or your friends can peruse on commercial breaks or when just hanging out.

5. Remote Organizer

If you have a television, a DVD player and a video game console, you likely have several remote controls. It’s important that you are able to reach them when you need them, so have an organizer is key. Get an organizer that matches your decor, and make sure to place it in the area that’s easiest for you to reach, whether that’s on your coffee table or a side table by your favorite chair. Some remote organizers also allow you to organize a TV guidebook, pens and other small necessities of your TV room as well.

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