Best Mop for Your Apartment Flooring

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The best mop for your apartment depends on the flooring you have, and whether you spot clean or clean the entire floor. You also have to consider the weight of the mop if you have back or mobility problems.

Dust Mop

You’ll cut down the time you spend mopping the floors significantly if you use a dust mop. Some flooring, like tile floors, need a dust mop first before wetting the floor. Dust mops are also good to use on wood floors, because you want to limit the amount of water you use. Too much water on wood floors can lead to wood rot and damage. After you use a dust mop, you can sweep up the dust using a regular broom or carpet sweeper. You should only need a little water to finish up the cleaning with a wet mop. You can also use a mild soap and water to mop the floor.

Swiffer Mop

A Swiffer Wet Jet Mop is the best mop for cleaning dirty spots on the floor. You can concentrate on damp cleaning one spot or area, and it beats getting on your hands and knees to scrub. The cleaning dispenser is attached to the mop, and you can release the cleaning solution by pressing a button. If you experience back pain while doing chores, then you’ll want a Swiffer mop. These are light to lift and carry around, unlike some of the other options for mops available. You also don’t have to worry about a separate mop bucket or wringing out the mop. The only problem with a Swiffer mop is that you have to keep buying disposable pads, and the costs can add up.

Tornado Mop

When you have to cover a large area of floor space, then a tornado mop may be the best. These mops have a built-in wringer so you don’t have to worry about wringing the mop in a separate container and spilling excess water. You’ll also be able to control the amount of water you spread on the floor better with a tornado mop, more so than a regular mop. The head of the mop is made out of tough yarn, which makes it the best mop to use for heavy-duty mopping. Tornado mops are also designed to remain tangle free during and after the cleaning process.

Roller Mop

A good roller mop is the best mop for textured surfaces. Be sure to buy one with a wringer on it that’s easy to use. For example, some roller mops have a shaft that you can lift easily to wring the mop. The shaft is often located just below the handle of the mop. The sponge of the roller mop also makes a difference. Some mops have a ridged edge, which are best for cleaning in between grooves in the flooring.

There is no one best mop, but rather there is a best choice for each job. Knowing what to get can make cleaning your apartment easier and faster.

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