How to Exterminate Spiders in Your Apartment

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This article will discuss how to exterminate spiders.

Make Life Uncomfortable for Them

One of the best ways to exterminate spiders it to make their lives miserable. Get rid of all the cob webs that they create on your walls, so that they don’t have any place to return to for food or rest. That includes spider webs on your balcony, patio, porch or deck. Exterminate the small insects and flies that the spiders are feeding on as well, to starve the spiders. Spray lemon oil in cracks in the wall as well as in the corners to repel spiders. The spiders in your apartment will soon get the point and move on to other places.

Spray Spiders

Exterminate the spiders you do see by spraying them, not with insecticides, but with soap and water. There’s a big disadvantage to using insecticides in your apartment. You may end up suffering much more than the spider. Insecticides are toxic chemicals that can cause harmful effects and allergies, especially in children. An alternative is to use a solution of liquid soap and water. Your dish washing liquid will work. It will attack the spiders’ respiratory systems, and you can at least get rid of the ones that you see.

Seal Doors and Windows

Many spiders walk right into your apartment, underneath the door. You have to make sure that the rubber seal is well in place underneath the door. If there isn’t one, then ask you landlord about installing one or replacing an old one. Spider can’t come into your apartment, at least not through the doors once it’s sealed. Be sure to seal cracks in the windows so that they can’t come through there either. You may need to fill holes with a sealant, or as a temporary fix, use duct tape.

Store Boxes Off the Floor

Spiders like to make their way into storage boxes and stay there in between traveling around your apartment. It’s easy for them o access your boxes when they are sitting on the floor. They especially gravitate to the ones underneath your bed. Try to store boxes above the floor, on tables and shelves. You can buy a long rectangular table at a hardware store if you don’t have enough shelves in your apartment.

Vacuum the Apartment

Whether it’s food underneath the couch, cobwebs or trash, vacuuming your apartment will help you to exterminate spiders. It’s important to do a thorough vacuum job, such as removing the couch to really clean underneath it. You should vacuum underneath beds as well using the attachment to reach all the way under. Keeping those areas clean will make your apartment less attractive to spiders.

You can exterminate spiders without using harmful chemicals. These guidelines have been proven to work.

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