How to Schedule a Full Day of Apartment Tours

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When you are seeking your new apartment home, scheduling apartment tours is something that can take up a lot of time. It’s easy to agree to go thirty minutes out of your way just to see one place. Instead, be wise about it. Creating a full day for the apartment hunting can save a lot of time and prevent much frustration.

Target Areas You’d like to Live

Pick certain areas where you really want to move. They may be spread all over the city, but you need to schedule apartment tours in the same area consecutively, so that you aren’t running all over town and back again within a short frame of time. Feel free to let the apartment manager or potential landlord know of your scheduling needs. You may not want the landlord to know that you are looking at a dozen other apartments on the same day. After all, you want to appear genuinely interested if you want approval.

However, you can still request certain times of day without explaining why you need a company to work around your schedule in showing its tour. Most apartment owners seeking tenants are more than happy to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Try to go in a circle, as far as your daily itinerary goes when you are devoting the day to apartment touring. When calling to make plans for the tour day, start with a neighborhood close to you, then proceed to the next closest one, as you plan out the entire day. Spread it out from there in the same pattern.

Leave a few minutes between tours to allow for traffic and other potential tours. If you see an ad for apartment placed in front of a building, you want to have time to call and go check out some unexpected places along the way. This can be one of the best ways to find deals on great apartments, as some people just don’t want to advertise their property.

Timing Is Everything

Consider areas of high traffic when scheduling your day. If you’ve taken off a weekday to take apartment tours, you want to beware where the rush hour traffic is especially heavy. You’ll want to avoid the city areas between 8 and 10 a.m. and between 3 and 6 p.m. Those are great times to schedule apartment tours in smaller areas and residential neighborhoods. It may also be during those hours that you take a break for meals or to hang out with friends who may live in the areas that you are targeting during your apartment tours.

Things to Remember

Continue on your full day of apartment tours, even if it seems that you have found your dream apartment. You are not assured that you will ultimately get approved for the apartment, as competition for the best apartments are sometimes fierce. Also, you may find a place you like even better. If you schedule a full day of tours, keep them. While it’s okay to tell a landlord that you will accept an apartment if approved, it does no harm in looking at other places.

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