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Virtually touring an apartment on a laptop from the comfort of one's own couch.

11 Questions to Ask on Virtual Apartment Tours

Virtual apartment tours have been on the rise since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, proving much safer than physically moving from one location to another and potentially spreading germs. read more

Landlord takes video of a unit for future virtual apartment tours.

NOLO Attorneys on the State of Apartment Tours in the Time of COVID-19

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Nothing is certain in the time of COVID-19. With cases skyrocketing in parts of the US and federal rent protections ending soon, we’re seeing millions of out-of-work renters being forced to contend with the real possibility of an impending eviction. To make matters worse, the pandemic has complicated the process of finding a new home […] read more

How to Schedule a Full Day of Apartment Tours

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When you are seeking your new apartment home, scheduling apartment tours is something that can take up a lot of time. It’s easy to agree to go thirty minutes out of your way just to see one place. Instead, be wise about it. Creating a full day for the apartment hunting can save a lot […] read more