4 Things to Learn from Your First Apartment

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Once you have the experience of renting your first apartment, it’s important to hang on to the many lessons learned. You’ll become a savvier tenant as a result, and know what to look for and what to avoid when you’re moving to a new place. Some of the things you need to learn are:

1 – Landlord Relationship

You should learn how to build a good relationship with your landlord. That will form the basis of a great recommendation in the future when you have to move, and it may be your ticket to getting repairs done. For example, if your landlord dreads interacting with you because you complain a lot, then he’s less likely to be responsive when you want minor repairs done. If you pay your rent on time and are an all around good tenant, he may not be dismissive if you ask him to fix something in your apartment. It’s good to practice building a good relationship with your first landlord, so that you can learn from any mistakes when building one with your new landlord.

2 – Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

You may be hopeful that there will be no noisy neighbors at your next apartment. That may or may not be the case. If you learn to deal with noisy neighbors at your first apartment, you’ll know what to do when you encounter the problem again. Asking questions about the other tenants during an apartment search is appropriate, and if you didn’t ask before moving into your first apartment, learn to ask when you’re searching for a new apartment. You may also need to drive by a night to check things out for yourself. It’s also good to learn how to approach a noisy neighbor about the noise level, or your landlord if that’s more appropriate in the situation.

3 – Apartment Size

If you made the mistake of renting too large a first apartment, you don’t have to make that mistake again. Your problem may be the opposite, and your space is too small. You should have a good idea how much space you really need, and use that lesson to rent the right sized apartment next time. When you rent too large a space, you’re wasting rent money. It’s a tough lesson to learn, because that’s money you could use to build your savings or pay down debt.

4 – Lease Agreement Terms

When you signed the lease agreement on your first apartment, it may have been an intimidating experience. Perhaps you trusted the landlord enough to sign it, hoping that it was a standard agreement. After renting for some time, you may have come to the realization that the lease terms that would benefit you are missing. If a conflict came up with your landlord, you may have noticed that many of the lease terms are not in your favor. Learn how to read, understand and negotiate lease agreements, or prepare to hire an attorney next time.

Don’t make the same mistakes over and over again. Learn from the experiences you gained at your first apartment.

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