4 Games to Play at an Apartment Baby Shower

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Hosting a baby shower in your apartment can be an exciting event. If you want to host one, you should consider having some games for everyone to play. Here are some suggestions for games that are popular at apartment baby showers.

1. Unscramble the Name

For some, this is a very challenging game for a baby shower, but it’s really fun. It might even give mom and dad-to-be some names to think about for their child in the womb. In this game the host (you) scrambles some popular names and gives the guests a list of them. It’s their job to unscramble them. Whoever gets the most names unscrambled wins the game. If you want, you can time the guests to make it more challenging. Start with names like Sarah, John, Michael, Anna and Greg for the easier rounds. For more of a challenge, move on to longer names like Sebastian and Elizabeth. Try some non-English names for a bonus round.

2.  Baby Trivia

This is a game that tests the guests’ knowledge about babies. It’s great for mom and dad, too. Make a list of questions about parenting and basic baby knowledge. Make copies of the list and give one to each of the guests. When everyone gives an answer for all the problems, check them. It’s good to have an answer key close by, in case you forget the answers. The person who gives all or most of the correct answers wins.

3. What Is the Babys Name?

When you’re thinking of games for a baby shower, don’t forget this one. This is funny game that can produce amazing results. Have mom and dad give the correct spelling of their first and last names. Then the guests can make up names out of the letters that make up the parents’ names. If you want, you can have the guests make a name out of all of letters of one or both parents. Another option is to draw random letters out of a hat for people to make names out of. The person who makes up the most names wins the game.

4. Word Search

Word searches are a nice and quiet game to play. Make your own word search, using words that center around everything related to babies, from pregnancy to delivery to bringing baby home. You can do it by hand, but the best way is to find a website that helps you create a word search to print out. You can make word searches about baby foods, expressions, clothing, toys and the like. Let the guests keep their word searches, because they might even help with gift ideas for future showers.

An apartment baby shower allows you to get together with an expecting mom (and dad) and friends, and it’s a special time for everyone involved. The right games make the whole affair even more memorable, especially for the mom and dad-to-be.

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