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Apartment Disaster Plan: What to Do & How Much to Have

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You’d better have a disaster plan for emergencies. Spokespersons from a number of government agencies, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, continue to warn people, that they are limited in resources and supplies, and that it’s impossible to rescue everyone in your area if there’s an emergency. It’s your responsibility to prepare yourself and your […] read more

4 Hidden Electrical Home Safety Hazards

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With respect to electrical home safety, it’s important to know what potential hazards may lurk in your apartment home. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, almost 90 people die each year as a result of electrocution from unsafe wiring. In addition, most fires that could be prevented begin in lighting or electrical systems that aren’t up to code. Therefore, make sure […] read more

Apartment Fire Emergency: What To Take in a Hurry

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During a fire emergency, you won’t have time to grab everything, so know ahead of time what’s worth grabbing in a hurry. Here’s a brief rundown of the materials items you should take with—if you have time. Prepare for It or Forget It No document or material item is worth an increased risk to your safety […] read more

4 Cardiovascular Exercises You Can Do in Your Apartment

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With a limited amount of space in which to exercise, sometimes it can be tough to perform cardiovascular exercises on indoor exercise equipment such as a treadmill, stair climber, rowing machine or elliptical trainer. Nevertheless, you can still reach a high level of fitness by maintaining a daily workout routine that needs no special equipment, and can […] read more

Do Popcorn Ceilings Contain Asbestos?

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If you see a popcorn ceiling in an apartment you’re considering renting, it’s worth making sure that the ceiling doesn’t contain asbestos. Not all popcorn ceilings contain asbestos, but any installed before the mid-80s run a higher risk. Because of the health problems that can result from asbestos, making sure that the ceiling is newer […] read more

Are You Breathing Healthful Air?

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When choosing an apartment, diligent renters pepper landlords and real-estate agents with questions about square footage, amenities and security deposits. However, few renters consider the air quality in potential apartments. Most of us don't think about the quality of the air we breathe at all -- until we begin to suspect that the air in our apartments might be making us sick. As we learn more about how air quality affects common diseases like asthma and with new concerns about "sick building syndrome" in office complexes, more and more people are starting to take air quality seriously. read more

Second Hand Smoke in Your Apartment

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Second-hand smoke (also called environmental tobacco smoke or ETS) is a health risk for everyone, and particularly for children (who become very susceptible to developing asthma or respiratory infections when exposed to smoke) and the elderly. It’s within your power to quit smoking if you’re a smoker, choose to live with only non-smokers, and ask your guests to smoke outside if they must. But what if your neighbors are smokers? Even if they smoke outside, the smoke might migrate into your living space through cracks around doors or windows or in ventilation system, posing a threat to your health. So what rights do you have when it comes to protecting yourself against second-hand smoke? Read on for more information about the dangers of second-hand smoke and the ways you can protect yourself. read more

Is Toxic Mold Your Unwelcome Roommate?

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Mold can pose a major health risk, particularly in very damp areas or in older apartment buildings. Many apartment complexes in high-mold areas are required to disclose information about the risks of mold to potential tenants. Read on to discover your rights when it comes to the health risks posed by black mold and other types of potentially toxic molds. read more

Lead Based Paint in Your Apartment?

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Lead-based paint, which contains measurable quantities of lead, has the potential to be a health hazard. Use of the paint in residential buildings was outlawed in the late 1970’s, but many older residences may still contain lead-based paint. Read on for general information about lead-based paint and specifics regarding your landlord’s responsibilities in relation to this issue. read more