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Post-Party Clean Up: 3 Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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When a party’s over, you’re left with both great memories and a great mess; that’s where kitchen cleaning tips can come in handy. To minimize your time spent cleaning in the kitchen post-party, turn to the following suggestions: 1. Cover Surfaces with a Tablecloth Tablecloths aren’t just for tables–at least if you’re following this list […] read more

How to Clean Marble Floors

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Marble floors are easily scratched and stained, so it’s important to know how to clean marble floors properly. If you or your landlord have the floors buffed and sealed on an regular basis, you’ll be able to clean better with less risk for scratching the surfaces. Tools Needed: Soft bristle broom and dust pan or […] read more

How to Clean Marble Countertops

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Knowing how to clean marble countertops without damaging them is a must for any apartment dweller who may owe a hefty fee if responsible for damage to the apartment furnishings. Because marble is porous, it’s highly susceptible to scratches and stains if you don’t maintain it well. Materials Needed: PH-neutral cleaning solution or a mixture […] read more

Big City Living: The Health Effects of Air Pollution

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Living and working in a big city can raise some concern regarding the health effects of air pollution. Although government safety regulations have been implemented into vehicles and industries to ease once rampant air polluting practices, there are still risks involved. Particulates These are the fine particles primarily released from vehicles. Because there are so […] read more

4 Safety Tips When Living in Basement Apartments

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Basement apartments can offer a convenient living space for those looking for rental deals and can be as spacious as—or even more spacious than—above-ground apartments. However, while an apartment in a basement can sometimes be even safer than above-ground apartments, especially during a tornado, there are a number of safety concerns you may face. Follow […] read more

Watch Out for These 4 Heating Related Dangers

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The colder months of the year make you dependent on heating in your apartment in order to be comfortable. However, if you’re not careful you could expose yourself to these heating-related dangers: 1. Improper Use of Portable Heaters Portable heaters are a great method of heating a small area of your apartment at the fraction […] read more

Protecting Your Balcony or Patio during the Winter

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Protecting your patio or balcony during the harsh winter weather can make your spring season unveiling that much easier. It will also keep your area looking well kept and less hazardous which in turn will result in less work for you in the long run. Pick a Clear Day Many patio and balcony sealants require […] read more

Mold Removal: Is it Your Responsibility or Your Landlord’s?

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Mold removal is your responsibility or your landlord’s depending on the cause of mold growth in the apartment. Some states, such as California, have mold laws that regulate indoor air quality and mold and require landlords to provide a written disclosure of current and previous mold problems that they are aware of. These laws don’t […] read more

Holiday Travel: Tips for Leaving Your Apartment Empty for Long Periods of Time

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Holiday travel provides an opportunity to take a break from your normal routine and possibly meet up with loved ones you don’t often get to see. However, when you leave your apartment empty while traveling, you increase the risk of having your apartment broken into. Follow these tips to decrease the likelihood of a danger […] read more