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A man walks through a thunderstorm with a protective umbrella

Thunderstorm Safety Tips for Renters

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Thunderstorms are common occurrences in the summer months, especially in coastal areas. They can even turn into hurricanes occasionally, resulting in fatalities and a lot of property damage. read more

Electrical Outlets

Lowering the Electromagnetic Frequencies in Your Apartment for Lower Stress and Better Sleep

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Apartment living can be a rewarding experience, both financially and in terms of convenience. Benefits such as lower rent, gym and pool access, doggy play yards, and not being responsible for maintenance costs are certainly desirable, but with all the upsides to renting, there are also a few downsides. Perhaps the most important one to […] read more

4 Hidden Electrical Home Safety Hazards

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With respect to electrical home safety, it’s important to know what potential hazards may lurk in your apartment home. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, almost 90 people die each year as a result of electrocution from unsafe wiring. In addition, most fires that could be prevented begin in lighting or electrical systems that aren’t up to code. Therefore, make sure […] read more