Baby Safety Equipment: 5 Must Haves for Your Apartment

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Furnishing your apartment with baby safety equipment is a must for parents of infants. Over-preparing for situations you hope will never occur is better than not taking precautions. The following equipment can help make your apartment safer for your child:

1. Baby Monitors

Constant supervision can help keep your baby safe, but it’s not always possible. If your baby has her own room or you put her down for a nap while you do some chores or work in a different room in the apartment, an essential piece of baby safety equipment for your apartment is a baby monitor.

Keeping the baby monitor with you when you’re not in the same room as your child will alert you to any changes in your child’s behavior. However, checking in with your child every so often, even when you have a baby monitor, is still important.

2. Baby Gates

A baby gate can keep your child out of potentially dangerous areas in the apartment such as the kitchen or the front door or keep your child confined to a certain room so that you can supervise her better.

Reasons ti get a baby gate include:

  • A gate is an especially important kind of baby safety equipment once your child is crawling or walking and is more likely to wander around.
  • Baby safety gates can also keep pets away from your child.
  • You can temporarily install a gate in a doorway or you can set up a gate around a large area of the floor to act as a playpen.

3. Child Safety Locks

Child safety locks can keep your curious baby out of and away from:

  • cupboards
  • dressers and drawers that may contain chemicals
  • sharp objects or otherwise potentially harmful items

Even if you keep certain areas away from your child most of the time with the use of closed doors or gates, you never know when your child will make her way to those areas if a gate falls down or a door is accidentally left open. Having the locks on all potentially dangerous cupboards and drawers will give you peace of mind.

4. Electrical Outlet Covers

Electrical outlets are near the ground, which is an inviting height for your baby. Curious babies may poke their fingers into the sockets or place toys or small items into the sockets. Both of these actions can electrocute your child.

Since electrical outlets are present in virtually all rooms of the house, you can’t keep your child out of harm’s way without putting electrical outlet covers into the sockets.

5. Push-Button Toilet Lock

An important piece of baby safety equipment that’s often overlooked is the push-button toilet lock. If you don’t remember to keep your bathroom door closed, your curious baby may enter the bathroom and play with the water in the toilet. She can make herself sick by drinking it, can fall in and hurt herself or even accidentally drown. Having a push-button toilet lock will ensure that only adults who push the button can get the toilet seat up.

The best way to keep your baby out of danger is not to rely on baby safety equipment entirely; make sure your child is supervised in some form at all times. Even with supervision, however, your baby can still hurt herself, so installing safety equipment is essential.

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