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Bed Bug

So Your Apartment Has Bed Bugs… Now What?

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There seems to have been an increase in the number of bed bug reports in recent years. read more

fresh air indoors

Healthy Space, Healthy Life: Keeping Your Space Germ and Pollutant Free

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We spend a lot of hours in our homes. And as we approach winter, I know I’m getting ready to snuggle in and spend even less time out and about. read more

valuables being stolen in apartment

Where to Store Your Valuables in an Apartment

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So, you need to know where to store your valuable stuff, eh? Don’t think you’re lucky enough to have any valuables? Well, guess what? You do. OK, so let’s first establish exactly what valuables are. If you stop to think about it, you’ll realize that you too have items that you consider dear to you. […] read more

Beat the Heat: 6 Ways to Stay Cool Without an AC

Are you living somewhere with no air conditioning or on a tight budget and want to keep those utility bills down? Maybe you just want to live a little “greener” this summer. As it starts to heat up, here are 6 easy tricks to keep your cool without turning on that AC. 1. Use Fans […] read more

Seasonal Allergies in Your Apartment? How to Cope

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So what makes for a particularly bad allergy season, and how do we allergy-proof our apartment? What’s the Weather–Allergy Connection? First of all, allergies can rear their heads at any point of the year. If you’re usually hit around spring time, it may be due to severe winter weather and high precipitation. It’s also the […] read more

3 Reasons to Find a Green Cleaning Service

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A green cleaning service is environmentally safe and uses products and cleaning methods that are non-toxic and therefore not detrimental to human health or the environment. Green cleaning services are gaining popularity because they use organic products and lessen their customers’ exposure to harmful chemicals that can cause breathing problems, allergic reactions, cancer and various neurological […] read more

How to Clean Marble Floors

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Marble floors are easily scratched and stained, so it’s important that you know how to clean marble floors properly before you proceed. If you or your landlord have the floors buffed and sealed on an annual basis, you’ll be able to clean better with less risk for scratching the surfaces. Tools Needed: Soft bristle broom […] read more

How to Make a Natural Stain Remover

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It’s easy to make a natural stain remover by using ingredients commonly available in most homes. Such stain removers are non-toxic, contain no harmful chemicals. They’re easy on the pocket and equally easy to prepare. Step 1. Gather Your Ingredients Keep the ingredients that you will require to make the stain remover near at hand. […] read more

The Pros and Cons of Granite and Marble Countertops

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Granite and marble countertops are generally used in the kitchen and bathroom. The use of granite or marble for countertops is purely a matter of personal preference as both these natural stones have their advantages and disadvantages. Why Granite Countertops Work for Some People Granite is appealing to people who love a sleek look. Such […] read more