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Yard Sale Tips for Extra Summer Cash

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If you seem to be accumulating more stuff than you can squeeze into your apartment lately and you need some extra money, consider having a yard sale. I must admit to being a bit intimidated by my first yard sale because I had no idea what to expect and it seemed like a lot of […] read more

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Awesome Decorating Alternatives for Walls

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For years, paint has led the interior design industry as the foundation of any good design scheme. At the same time, most property managers deny renters this basic design principle and if allowed to paint, it is often with drab colors that barely qualify as something other than eggshell white. So what are renters to […] read more

Best Summer Veggies for Your Apartment

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Whether you are seasoned gardener or just learning to get your “thumbs green”, living in an apartment does not mean that you have to put your gardening dreams on hold, it just means that your garden will have to be a little smaller. Lucky for you, plenty of veggies don’t mind growing in containers, so […] read more

Warm Weather Safety Tips for Renters

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With spring finally here and summer on the way, most of us are ditching the indoors for the warm sunny outdoors. While sunshine is one of the best things ever, warm weather also makes us more likely to leave our places wide open, giving intruders an easier entrance. If you’ve been out and about enjoying […] read more

5 Apartment Design Trends This Spring

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Spotting home decor trends is sort of one of my hobbies if you can even put decor spotting into that category. Hobby or not, I totally enjoy adding cool items to enhance my space and I’m always on the lookout for new decor trends and ideas that I love. It’s too early in the year […] read more

Top Things a Renter Should Consider Before Getting a Pet

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Having a pet to come home to is one of the greatest joys in life. However, before you go out and get that cute furry friend, it’s important to make sure you are ready for the commitment. Pet ownership is as much responsibility as it is endlessly rewarding. For the sake of the animal, make sure you […] read more


Liven up Your Apartment for Spring

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If you’re like most people, this time of year has you twitching for spring to come. Winter is still here, but with spurts of warm sunny days, who can help but feel the anticipation of fresh green leaves and baby blades of grass coming up? If you just can’t wait for those baby greens to […] read more