4 Questions to Ask When Searching for Furnished Apartments for Rent

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Finding a furnished apartments for rent can be beneficial, if you need a short term lease, or if you’re not quite sure how long you want to stay in the area. You don’t have to buy furniture or move the ones you have, because the landlord will make them available to you. It can be a win-win situation for you and the landlord, but you should ask 4 questions while searching for furnished apartments for rent.

1 – Do You Have an Itemized List of the Furnishings in the Apartment?

Ask the landlord for an itemized list of furnishings that come with the apartment. You can compare it with other furnished apartments for rent. Vague descriptions of what’s included can be misleading, and if you’re in a highly competitive area, you may not have time to wait until you can see the apartment. If you’re moving to another state or oversees, viewing the apartment prior to moving in may be impossible. Ask landlords and property managers to email you an itemized list for furnishings and appliances, or a second option is to write it down as the landlord reviews it with you over the phone.

2 – Are Other Items Included besides Furniture?

Most furnished apartments provide furniture and appliances only, such as:

  • Couch
  • End tables
  • Bed
  • Kitchen tables
  • Lamps
  • Televisions
  • Toaster ovens
  • Chairs

You may need a little more than that, depending on your circumstances and length of stay. Some furnished apartments for rent act more like mini-hotels for specific tenants, like business travelers who need to spend months in an area. If you need linen, towels, cleaning supplies and other personal items, ask prospective landlords about it. That won’t be an option with some rentals, but some landlords may consider providing you with what you need if they would like to have you as a tenant.

3 – Do You Charge a Separate Fee for Using the Furniture?

The landlord may charge you a rent fee plus a separate fee to rent furnishings. It’s a way for the landlord to recoup costs on their investment for the furniture. Knowing whether that’s the case before you choose an apartment is important. You might be able to find a cheaper and comparable apartment. You may also decide to purchase used furniture and rent an unfurnished apartment instead.

4- Do You Charge a Security Deposit for Using the Furniture?

You may need to pay a deposit if you have to pay a separate fee for the furnishings. That’s yet another cost to consider when searching for furnished apartments for rent that you’ll have to factor in. You also want to get as much details as you can as to the conditions for getting your security deposit back when you move out. For example, find out what the landlord considers “normal wear and tear” as opposed to actual damage of the furnishings. A separate security deposit for furniture may be in your best interest in the long run, but it may be cost prohibitive when you’re trying to move in.

Ask the typical questions that you would ask before renting any apartment, but be sure to include these as well.

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