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A young wmoan moving into her college apartment

Back to School: College Apartment Checklist

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Moving into your first apartment is one of the biggest rites of passage for a young adult. Just as moving into a dorm room from your family home was a landmark occasion, this transition is also exciting, a little scary, and most of all, challenging. read more

4 Benefits of a Furnished Apartment for College Students

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If you’re a college student, you can benefit from renting a furnished apartment. This is especially true if you’re attending a college or university in another state, and plan to go back home during the summers, spring breaks and winter breaks. You can also benefit from renting one if you already live close by. Here […] read more

Dorm Room Decorating Tips

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When it comes to dorm room decorating, more than a few new students end up drawing a blank. Lots of those concrete walled cubicle rooms in college dormitories can be difficult to dress up. However, with a little creativity and TLC, your dorm room can end up looking pretty good. Here are some of the […] read more

5 Things You Shouldn’t Bring to a College Apartment

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If you are moving into a college apartment, it may be your first experiment in shared living. Lots of students who are packing up all of their stuff for a relocation to a dorm or apartment space have a lot to learn about what goes into a “communal living” or “group house” experience. One of […] read more

Advantages of Renting College Student Apartments Near Campus

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When you’re a student, living near campus is one of the college student apartments available has its advantages. In fact, living on the opposite side of town from your college or university in a nicer apartment complex makes little sense. Here are some of the advantages of renting nearby. Long Commute? No Way! As a […] read more

Planning an Around the World Party in College Apartment Complexes

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Holding Around the World parties in college apartment complexes can be an incredibly fun way to socialize with neighbors and friends. The college apartment complex is especially ideal for such a party, since it’s a close-knit community full of lots of people in the same age range. Explaining the Around the World Party Before you […] read more

College Apartment Credit Check: Do I Need a Cosigner?

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When it’s time for new students to look for a college apartment, some of the routine questions involved in the housing hunt may need a different approach. One of these is the idea of having a cosigner to back up the tenant’s financial and credit history. If you’re a single worker looking for an apartment […] read more

Apartment Safety for College Living

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College living in an apartment complex can be an exciting time for many young adults, but it’s important to remember that with living on your own for the first time comes being responsible and watching out for your safety. College students are often targets for crime—both from within and without the college community—and you can […] read more

5 College Apartment Decorating Cliches

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Because of the small space and the need to share that space, college apartment decorating is quite difficult. Important too, is the need to avoid those classic decorating clichés that can make your living space appear corny or dated. Below are the five most common decorating mistakes to avoid when arranging your apartment. 1. Cinder […] read more