Energy-Saving Devices that Can Save You Cash

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Energy saving devices cost money, but they save you money in the long run. They are worth the investment, even if it means making sacrifices to have the money to buy them.  Your utility payments is probably the third highest spending category, after rent and groceries. Unless your landlord includes it in your rent payment, you have to be proactive about reducing your energy use if you want to save your cash.

Portable Solar Panel Kit and Battery Power Pack

Generating your own electricity using the power of the sun will help you save money on energy costs, and it’s not an option that’s only available to homeowners. You can buy a portable solar panel kit and generate enough electricity to power items, such as your:

– Rechargeable batteries
– Laptop
– Lamps
– Slow cooker
– Cordless telephone
– Many electronic devices that run on less than 1,000 Watts per hour

There are many options on the market, but one solar panel kit to consider is the Sunforce 50044 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit available on It has everything you need to set up your generator, except for a power pack. The solar panels collect and retain the energy, but you’ll need to transfer and store that energy in a battery power pack, such as the Xantrex Xpack Powerpack 1500. It’s what you’ll use to plug in your appliances and electronic devices to use the energy, and it will give you enough “juice” for much of what you’ll need around your apartment.

If you’re living in an apartment building on a floor above the ground floor, then a solar panel kit is not going to work. You’re going to have to find other energy saving devices, because you need to set the panels on the ground and run a couple of cables through your window. You’re not going to be able to secure them to the roof either, because you don’t own the building. However, if the rooftop is flat, you can set the panel on the roof, the way you would in the backyard.

Power Strip

You may not think that power strips are energy saving devices, but they are. Plug your computers and televisions into them, and turn the strips off when you’re not using them. You use electricity when you keep them plugged into the wall, even when your computer or television is turned off. Using a power strip will enable you to shut off multiple devices at once.


Try to buy appliances that have timers built into them to turn it off and on. For example, if you want to buy a portable air conditioner, find one with a timer to shut off the unit when the room reaches a certain temperature. Appliances and other electronics with timers are energy saving devices because it prevents the item from running non stop, which means you’ll use less energy. You can also buy and use an external timer from a hardware store.

Don’t fall for scams that promise you huge results in energy costs with a new gadget. The energy saving devices above are proven and have been around for a long time.

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