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View of the Seattle skyline at sunset.

Typical Utility Costs in Seattle

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Seattle has grown phenomenally in the last decade, reaching a whopping 23.8 percent growth rate before tapering off in 2019. read more

Young man cleans out his AC filter to eliminate unwanted indoor air pollutants.

8 Surprising Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

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We’re so busy trying to protect ourselves from outdoor air pollution and all its harmful effects, it’s easy to forget that the air inside our homes can be just as harmful. read more

Gas vs. Electric: Which Apartment Appliance Is Cheaper to Use?

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When searching for apartments, you may question whether gas or electric appliances are cheaper. New houses are being constructed with gas appliances more and more, making it seem as if the answer to the question is definitive: Gas. It’s not that simple though. Gas in one region may cost twice as much as gas in another […] read more

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How to Detect a Gas Leak

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Knowing how to detect a gas leak can be very important. Gas leaks in a home are potentially deadly and need to resolved immediately. Gas leaks can occur inside from an appliance that uses gas or they can happen outside if a gas line is damaged while digging. How to Know When You Have a […] read more