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Creating a Budget

Tips for Millennials Who Need to Create a Budget

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Millennials seem to have everything figured out — at least for the moment. But once the afterglow of college starts fading and that nine-to-five grind begins to lose a little luster, many find money matters more challenging than anticipated. read more

Pittsburgh Skyline

Best U.S. Cities for Millennial Renters

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Millennials want it all and they want it now. And why not? Known for living in the moment, ravenously consuming art and culture, and earning a living doing what they love, millennials are more likely than any other recent generation to think — and live — outside the box they came in. read more

Apartment Hunting: Four Top Amenities for Young Professionals

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If you’re apartment hunting, the process can go easier if you determine what you desire in amenities. If you’re a young professional, then your requirements are different than, say, a family with a baby or a couple. With your work schedule, you’ll want amenities that will make your times spent at home relaxing as well as […] read more