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A pristine example of an organized kitchen counter.

6 Tips to Declutter Your Kitchen Counters and Reclaim Your Cook Space

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Remember when you moved into your place and noticed how much counter space there was in the kitchen? Now, six months later, you struggle to find enough room on the counter to even set down a bag of groceries — and despite all your claims that a night prowler stole the extra space while you […] read more

Baking Utensils

Organize Your Baking Cabinet

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When you’re an avid baker, you want to make sure that all of your tools can be accessed at a moment’s notice — for a last-minute bake sale, a company holiday party, or just a Friday night at home with friends and family. read more

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8 Ways to Make the Most of Storage Space in Your Small Kitchen

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Many apartment dwellers will often daydream about the gourmet kitchen they’ll have someday. Some might think about open shelving, a farmhouse sink, and a subway tile backsplash, but most are daydreaming about having plenty of room to store their things. read more

Small Space Ideas: Dish Racks

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Dish racks are a smart idea for those stuck with small living spaces that don’t have dishwashers. If you’re an apartment dweller without a dishwasher, save yourself time and effort by purchasing a rack for drying dishes: Purpose of Dish Racks You use a dish rack to dry your dishes after washing them. If you […] read more

5 Small Kitchen Ideas for Increasing Storage Space

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If your efficiency-sized kitchen is leaving you frustrated when it comes to storage space, here are a few kitchen ideas for decorating and remodeling that will help you get rid of the clutter and allow you to fully enjoy the space you have. 1. Stack It Transfer bulky food items such as flour, pasta and […] read more

6 Kitchen Storage Solutions

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When you live in an apartment, knowing a few kitchen storage solutions can make your life much easier. If there’s one thing any apartment does not have, it’s extra space. Follow a few of these kitchen storage tips, and make space in your crowded kitchen. 1. Maximize Cabinet Space with Rotating Shelves The most basic […] read more

5 Kitchen Design Ideas for Limited Budgets

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Many renters have experienced the pitfalls of working in a comically tiny kitchen, and attempting to cook in such a kitchen can be a messy and frustrating ordeal. But through careful planning, and smart, space-saving kitchen design ideas, your kitchen can be functional, efficient, and a joy to work in. Here are some simple ideas […] read more

Creating Counter Space in Your Kitchen

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One disadvantage for most apartment dwellers is kitchen space. One advantage for most apartment dwellers is that it makes Pampered Chef parties easy. You are completely honest in saying, "I can only buy the $1.75 orange peeler because it is the only thing that will fit in my kitchen." read more

Is a Mobile Storage Unit Right for You?

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Undertaking a long-distance move can be a real hassle--especially if your move-out and move-in dates don't coincide. Movers can find themselves in between apartment leases anywhere from few days to a few months for a variety of reasons. Some are unable to find an apartment in a new city before their old lease ends. Others leave a gap in between rentals to travel. Still others find themselves stuck between an old lease that ends on the first of the month and a new one that begins on the fifteenth. Renters faced with any of these situations need to figure out what to what to do with their stuff in the meantime. read more