Baby Safety Proofing Your Apartment: 7 Things to Remember

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Baby safety proofing is a common oversight, especially for new parents. Most assume that, within about the first eight months, baby safety does not have to be a priority due to the fact that the infant is not mobile. However, there are some things to consider before mobility brings your apartment safety to new levels of upkeep, including air and sound safety. When you leave your apartment to go to the hospital to deliver your baby, take a look around. In fact, take a picture, as your apartment will never be the same again.

1. Infancy Safety – Baths

One of first the major safety concerns regarding an infant, is bath safety. It may go without saying but when a bath is being given to a newborn your focus should be unwavering. It is often a good idea to have a baby bathtub ready to use before you bring home your new roommate. These are plastic tubs that fit into most sinks complete with a cushioned bottom for protection available at any baby supply store.

Make sure the area is clear of sharp objects and glass before the bath due to the fact that the baby is apt to thrash about now and again. When you move to the bathroom tub be sure and have bath mats in place to reduce slippage. Also, check your water temperature. Many apartment buildings are in violation of water temperature and often have the basement boiler set too high.

2. What Is Above Your Baby’s Head

Loose shelving and fragile objects on shelves should be immediately addressed. Many domestic accidents include large or dangerous objects falling onto babies from shelves, cabinets, etc.

3. Sound

It may be a silly subject but hearing is a baby’s first fully functioning sense. Therefore, if you think along these lines you may hear sounds you never heard before. A droning air conditioning unit on a nearby roof; outside traffic; nearby pets; neighbors with high decibel music. A noise machine is a great way to block out unwanted sounds and often soothes your baby to sleep.

4. Locks and Alarms

After about eight months to a year your baby will be exploring. Be sure and lock cabinets with baby proof locks. Portable alarms can be installed on washing machines, driers and terrace doors.

5. Outlets

Finding a paperclip and inserting it in an outlet is a recipe for disaster. Be sure and have all outlets covered and loose wires put into less compromising positions.

6. Sharp Corners

Tables, chairs, counters, these are all potential accidents waiting to happen to a small child. Corner guards have come a long way since their cumbersome aesthetically challenged designs. Look around for what is right for you and get them attached before your little one is walking like a champ.

7. Air

Here is another common oversight. Air quality may not be an immediate threat but over time things like asthma can surface. If there are smokers in the home implement strict rules that keep smoky air away from the child. Pets, especially cats, can pose an unseen dander release causing all sorts of respiratory challenges. HEPA filtered units are an excellent way to keep the air in your apartment crystal clear.

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