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Affordable and Creative Ways to Upgrade An Old Apartment Fireplace

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You’ve finally found the apartment of your dreams, and it has a fireplace! It doesn’t matter if it’s a working fireplace or an older one that’s been sealed off for years — fulfilled dreams are almost always immune to specifics. But then you move in and realize it doesn’t quite fit with your décor. In […] read more

Saving Energy: Making an Apartment Fireplace Cost-Effective

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A fireplace in the apartment is an amenity that’s appealing for a number of reasons, but the most important one is that it can be great for saving energy. Once you know how to make your fireplace energy efficient, you can significantly reduce your heating bill, which is often the most expensive part of your […] read more

Babies and Apartments with Baseboard Heaters: 5 Tips for Safety

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Having baseboard heaters in your apartment should be a concern when you’re expecting a baby. Your child can touch it when it’s hot or stick their hands in them and get burned. Your options are to make the heaters safer, or not use them at all. Tip #1: Cover Them with Baseboard Heater Covers A […] read more

4 Things You Can Do with a Non-Working Fireplace

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You don’t have to let a non working fireplace go to waste. There are a number of things you can do with one that will help you with the décor or storage. Here are 4 ideas to get the most use of it: 1. Storage Space If you’re more concerned about additional storage space than […] read more

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