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7 Ways to Be a Considerate Neighbor

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What kind of neighbor do you want to be—or better yet what kind of neighbor would you want living next to you? It is quite the balancing act when your brain is obviously going to be more biased to your needs when it comes to living happily and comfortably. read more

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Planning an Apartment Community Garage Sale

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You’ve got loads of junk—old baseball card collections, a never-used tennis racquet, clothes you always thought you’d be able to fit into again but never quite did— piled up in your apartment, and you’re sure your neighbors do, too. You’d like to organize an apartment-wide garage sale, but you don’t know where to start. Never fear, the collectivewisdom of people who’ve done it before is assembled here to help you out! read more

Finding a Home to Fit Your Lifestyle

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Finding a home to fit your lifestyle can be a big challenge. There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right apartment, house or condo. The best way to narrow down your options is to take a look at your lifestyle and priorities. Chances are there is an option that will work […] read more

High-Rise and Low-Rise Apartments Compared

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When looking for an apartment you may look at low rise apartments and high rise apartments. There are some general differences between the two that may help you narrow down your decision. For a Room With a View Choose a High Rise Apartment If you are looking for an apartment in an urban area with a […] read more