Are Luxury Apartments Worth the Extra Cost?

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Luxury apartments are a very interesting mystery for a lot of people, but are they worth the extra cost? For starters, let’s answer those questions, and see what luxury apartments include.

Doorman & Porter Service

Luxury apartment buildings usually include a 24-hour doorman, and porter service. This means that all of your guests will be required to check-in, and be announced. This includes all deliveries too. If you are expecting a guest, but will not be home at the time of his arrival, you can leave your key with the doorman. If you borrowed a movie from a friend, and your friend needs it back, you can leave it with the doorman as well. Your friend can pick-up the movie at his convenience. If you were out shopping for the day, and come back with an armful of bags, the doorman will call the porter to help you to your apartment with the bags. Having a doorman and porter at your building offers conveniences that would otherwise not be there.

Free Fitness Center

Many luxury apartment buildings have an in-house gym. The gym is usually free to apartment tenants, and is generally available for use 24 hours a day. Some of these gyms will be large, like a health club, while others will have less, and more basic, equipment. Either way, it saves you from joining a gym, and gives you the convenience of a gym at your doorstep.

Indoor or Outdoor Pools

Luxury apartments with amenities that include a pool are in high demand, especially in urban areas where there is no lake or beach nearby. Some buildings feature indoor pools, and others feature outdoor pools, which are seasonal pools. The convenience of a pool in your building is great on those steamy summer days, or if you swim for fitness.

On-Site Grocer & Dry Cleaner

Another feature of many luxury apartment buildings in an on-site grocer and dry cleaner. Having these stores and services a few steps away is very convenient. When you are leaving for work in the morning, you can drop off your dry cleaning as you walk out and, when it is done, the porter of the building can deliver it to your apartment. If you are baking, and run out of sugar, you can quickly run down to the on-site grocery store to buy some.

Decide if a Luxury Apartment is Right for You

Now you need to decide if all your curiosity over that luxury apartment building is worth it. We’ve gone through some of the extras that luxury apartments provide, but there’s a downside which, obviously, would be the rent. Saving money on rent does not apply to luxury apartments. You cannot get all of these extra features without paying a premium on your rent. You need to examine how valuable these additional services are to you, and how much you would use them. That said, you have to be able to afford the rent in the first place.

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