Apartment Workout Room Etiquette

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Having a workout room in your apartment building can greatly enhance your quality of life. Aside from improving your health and reducing stress, it can provide an opportunity to meet your neighbors. Unlike members of a fitness club, the people using your apartment workout room are also your neighbors, who you live with and see every day. So, being respectful and using proper etiquette will earn you a good reputation and make your home a comfortable place to reside.

Common Workout Room Rules

Most workout rooms have rules. When you move in to your apartment, ask for a copy of the rules, unless they have been provided with your move-in information packet. Many landlords consider use of a workout room to be a privilege and will revoke your right to use it if you break the rules. If there are no written rules, you can use some general workout room rules as a guideline:

  • Access – you may only be allowed to use the workout room during certain hours. There may be a limit on the number of residents who can use the workout room at the same time. Locking the door and turning out the lights when you leave may also be required.
  • Clothing – you may be required to wear athletic clothing, including athletic footwear.
  • Food and drinks – these may be prohibited, except for sports bottles containing water.
  • Bags and personal items – placing your belongings on the floor can be a trip hazard and may be forbidden.

Workout Room Etiquette

Whether stated in the rules or not, certain rules of etiquette are customary in fitness facilities. They include the following:

  • Be considerate of others – remember that you’re sharing the equipment and other people are waiting for you to finish in order to use it.
  • Equipment usage guidelines – if the rules state that you can only use the cardiovascular equipment for 30 minutes when others are waiting, keep track of the time, and adhere to the limit.
  • Bring a towel – unless towels are provided, always bring a clean towel with you for sanitary reasons.
  • Wipe down equipment – be sure to wipe down any machines or benches you sit on after use. If a spray bottle with sanitizer is provided by the management, always use it.
  • Resting between sets – if you must rest more than a couple of minutes between sets, let anyone who is waiting use the equipment until you are ready to continue.
  • Don’t socialize on exercise machines – never use the machines as seating for chatting with neighbors while others are waiting to use them.
  • An apartment workout room is not a “pick up” spot – avoid behavior designed to pick up attractive neighbors while they’re exercising. This can make your neighbors uncomfortable.
  • Put plates and dumbbells back on the racks – do not leave equipment lying around. Return it to its storage place.
  • Never slam or drop weights – this can damage equipment or the floor, and it can annoy other people.

By practicing good etiquette, both you and your neighbors will be able to enjoy your apartment’s workout room.


Lisa Bernstein: As a long-time apartment dweller and seasoned condominium trustee, I have dealt with numerous landlord-tenant, property management, and day-to-day apartment complex issues. My extensive, direct experience has led to invaluable insights into apartment life from both the tenant and management perspectives.

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  1. May 25, 2013 at 2:33 pm, Robert Lightner said:

    Shouldn’t a workout room have a restroom, in an apartment complex?


  2. May 25, 2013 at 2:50 pm, Robert Lightner said:

    An apartment workout room needs a bathroom. For a resident to have to go home to use the restroom, especially after drinking liquids, while working out, would be a issue, where the resident 50% of the time, will not go back, to finish working out. Which sounds like it needs insurance on it.*


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