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4 Tips to Make an Apartment Search Quick and Painless

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An apartment search takes time, and it can be difficult to fit around a hectic work or school schedule. It’s even harder when you’re hunting for apartments in another state, and are not familiar with the area. To save time, you must use ways to start and finish an apartment search effectively. Use the following […] read more

How Finding Furnished Rooms for Rent Saves You Money

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For busy workers trying to transfer to a new city, or other individuals seeking the glamour of a new residential destination, moving can be a pricey affair, and finding furnished rooms for rent can be a great solution. Those who move for jobs sometimes have company resources at their disposal, but what about when your […] read more

How to Read Apartment Rental Listings to Find the Good Ones

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Sorting through rental listings to find the best apartments of the bunch can be trying and more than a little difficult, especially if you have limited time to tour the apartments before you sign the rental agreement-assuming you’re able to get to the city beforehand at all. That’s why it’s essential that you learn how […] read more

The Purpose of Minimum Income Requirements When Renting an Apartment

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Most landlords impose minimum income requirements for renting their apartments, whether or not they say so. Some property managers and landlords will state any requirements on brochures and other marketing materials, or when you request a rental application. Others won’t say anything, and just deny your application or refuse to rent you an apartment, because […] read more

Apartments for Rent: 5 Signs to Stay Away

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On the market at any given time, there are plentiful apartments for rent. Finding the right apartment for you, however, is a much larger task than merely pointing your finger. While seemingly a great residence, there are X signs that you should stay far away from an apartment. 1. An Irritating Landlord The single, most […] read more

5 Things to Look for in Room Rentals

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Approach room rentals the same way you would an apartment search. The process is basically the same, but renting a room in a house does make a difference. Here are 5 things to look for: 1. Amenities What are the amenities available? For example, if you need Internet access for work or school, you’ll want […] read more

Choose the Right San Francisco Neighborhood for You

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Choosing the right San Francisco neighborhood can be a difficult task as there are so many interesting areas where you can live and work. Downtown San Francisco includes a number of illustrious districts, including Chinatown, Nob Hill, North Beach, Rincon Hill and Telegraph Hill, just to name a few. Other neighborhoods, such as Cow Hollow, the Mission District, Pacific […] read more

4 Reasons to Consider a More Expensive Apartment

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When it comes to apartment shopping, sometimes considering an expensive apartment is necessary. As with anything in life, you get what you pay for, and opting for the cheapest possible option could lead to future frustrations with your personal surroundings. There are legitimate reasons to consider forking over extra money in rent each month for […] read more

What Single Mothers Should Look for When Searching

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When single mothers are searching for an apartment, there are a few certain things that they should look for. Factors such as the neighborhood, the building conditions and safety are all important when a single mother is choosing an apartment. Neighborhood Finding a safe, clean neighborhood is a very important part of finding an apartment. Making […] read more