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Reading Between the Lines: Deciphering Apartment Ad Lingo

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Whether you’re doing it online or through an agency/real estate service, apartment hunting is always a chore. Aside from out-and-out lying about size, condition, and location — and doctoring photos — people peddling apartments seem to have their own definitions of certain words. For that reason, you’ll find that you’ll save yourself a lot of […] read more

How to Find an Apartment Fast

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There are many things to consider when looking to find apartment opportunities. If you are like most people, you will have to find an apartment fast. Whether the lack of time is due to school, work or both, this guide will help you lovate an apartment as soon as possible. Use the Internet to Find […] read more

How to Save for a Mortgage while Renting an Apartment

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While your apartment may offer many amenities and luxuries that you absolutely love, it may not be the end-all of living spaces for you. But because you pay a rent note every month, you are not sure how you could possibly ever save enough money to buy a house. But all it really takes is […] read more

Is It Better to Rent or Buy a Home during a Slow Economy?

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The decision regarding whether to rent or buy a home is always a complicated one, but it’s perhaps most complex during a slow economy. As an economy slows, it’s hard to figure out whether a town will be booming once things go back to normal or whether staying in a locale is a form of […] read more

Understanding Rent-to-Own Apartments

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You’ve been renting for years, and dream of owning your own apartment. Perhaps you’ve heard of them, or perhaps not, but rent-to-own apartments may be the right choice to put you in the position of apartment ownership. Rent to Own Apartments Rent-to-own apartments are apartments that give the renter a lease purchase option. In other words, […] read more

Apartment Search Tips: Viewing an Apartment

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When doing your apartment search, you should prepare yourself for the meeting with the landlord or rental office by having the right documentation and knowing the right questions to ask. Information Required to Obtain an Apartment There is some basic information that landlords will require from you in order to begin the application process. Many […] read more

What is a Lease Purchase Option?

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A lease option gives would-be buyers the chance to purchase a home, apartment, or condo space after renting it for a certain amount of time. There’s usually an extra fee paid at the beginning of the lease term that will allow you to enter into the lease-purchase option. Lease-purchase options are sometimes offered when the housing market is slow, in part to entice people who may not otherwise be interested in or capable of purchasing a home. Depending on your situation in life and your home-owning aspirations, a lease-purchase option may be appropriate for you. Some of the pros and cons of the lease-purchase concept are covered below. Some agreements put part of your rental payments toward the purchase price; others might only give you first option to buy if the owner decides to sell the property. Keep in mind that the situation will vary with individual contracts and agreements, so make sure you understand the full terms of the deal before signing anything. read more

Apartment Search Stress Relief Ideas

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Anyone who’s ever searched for an apartment knows it can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re doing it at the last minute. Finding a place with just the right amount of space and light, in just the right part of town, at just the right price, can be really rough. read more

Going Condo? Buying with an Apartment Loan

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When it comes to renting an apartment, it’s not quite as simple as whipping out the family American Express card. Apartments require cold hard cash, either through a check or money order. And since the initial amount due can be quite high, it’s best to start saving up early when you’re thinking about moving. Typical move in costs include first month’s rent, an application fee, and a security deposit. And if you’ve enlisted the help of a broker, you’ll have to pay them off as well. Apartment loans come into play if you’re actually investing in an apartment complex by purchasing one or many units. These could be for people wanting to become property managers, or individuals looking for an investment they can live in! read more