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disappointment and stress

Smart Shopping: How to Avoid Disappointment in Your Apartment Choice

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Apartment shopping is often called a “hunt,” and it can definitely feel that way. Sneaking through the jungle of buildings, watching tirelessly for your prey: the perfect space to call home. And like a hunt, you often feel like you have to “pounce” to get the spot, leaving little time for comparisons or fine print. read more

Happy Apartment, Happy You!

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What does your apartment feel like? Does it generate some positive vibes in you? Walking through your front door, you should to be met with a sense of happiness, pleasure and relaxation. If your apartment is a bit lacking in spirit, we have some ideas on how your home can help improve your mood. Surround yourself […] read more

5 Tips to Reduce Monitor Glare in Your Apartment

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Monitor glare can become a real annoyance whether it is on your television or your computer. It slows down your work on a computer and puts a strain on your eyes. The eyestrain can lead to other problems such as migraines and headaches. Prevent these problems by taking some steps to reduce monitor glare in […] read more