Vacationing in Your Home Town? Stay in (Another) Apartment

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Although you and your family may have dismissed the idea of staying in-state on your next vacation break, staycations are becoming quite popular—especially for those on tight budgets. However, staycation or not, everyone will no doubt be insistent on one thing: you’ll absolutely have to sleep somewhere other than in your regular digs for that true vacation getaway feeling. This is where short-term apartment rentals can truly save you (and your wallet).

Packing for another side of town—preferably the touristy side, with the natural resources and the most popular of attractions—is logistically less complicated than packing for a trip overseas or across the country. For one thing, you don’t have to factor in air fare, train schedules or complicated highway systems into your travel plans. And for another, you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to pay for fare tickets or gas.

When it’s time for some rest and relaxation, if you look into renting a short-term apartment—even just for one evening if you can’t swing anything longer—you’ll save yourself lots of hassle and just as much money.

Finding a Short-term Rental Apartment for Your Staycation

Once you’ve decided that your hard-earned cash will be better put to use on a local getaway and entertainment, your next step is to find a place to stay. Well-appointed short-term apartment rentals abound. You just have to know where to look for a fun, different way to see your state.

  • Think of all the extravagant upscale (or even the marginally upscale) spots in your state. This could be a place where you might dream of moving if you could ever afford the rental prices. Let this staycation be your chance to find out “how the other half lives.” Scout around. Drive by a few choice neighborhoods and jot down the cross streets you like. Then, when you get home, do a quick Google search for or ” to find out what is available. Believe it or not, they’re almost a dime a dozen and are advertised year-round.”short-term apartment rentals in…” vacation rentals in…”
  • Put up a sign at your local supermarket, produce market, laundromat, apartment office, place of employment, church or school bulletin board—any place with a steady stream of people. Someone nearby is sure to need a subletter or house-sitter during the time that you’ll be needing it.
  • Consider a Villa or Inn. Villas or inns or bed-and-breakfasts are like a furnished apartment, only with service and accommodations thrown in. They’re sometimes a little more costly than apartments, sometimes not. Luckily, a lot of websites offer useful real-life traveler feedback on great deals, so your don’t spend money only to find disappointment. Some keywords you might want to use: “villas,” “vacation apartments,” “cottages,” “houses,” “cabins,” “motels,” “hotels,” “inns,” “bed-and-breakfasts,” “chalets” and (for the fun of it) “castles.”

Don’t Do the Same Old Thing: Find Something Fun!

Although you won’t have to ask for directions, you will have to make a list of cool things to do. A bit of imagination will go a long way, but always do the proper research.

Did you venture over to a town known for its beaches? (For example, many Massachusetts residents like to head down to Cape Cod for summer vacations.) This is the perfect time to take advantage of the beachy atmosphere and rent a seashore apartment. Enjoy walks on the beach and collect all the different seashells that the ocean washes up.

Or, maybe this area of the state has great camp grounds or hilly climbing spots. Plan a hiking trip. Pack up your boots, a knapsack, and and other supplies. Don’t forget your phone to take snap shots of the stunning scenery.

Take advantage of the insight of your new temporary landlord or neighbors. Ask where their favorite little ice cream parlors are or where they can get a great deli sandwhich. Or, more importantly, find out where you can get a great cup of coffee in the morning. Tell them if you jog and bike and ask lwhere the best tree-studded paths are. Most people are delighted to share their favorite local spots with you, perhaps in the hopes that you’ll become a vacation regular!

Start Looking Early

What’s wrong with beginning your search for lofts, rentals or town houses in the touristy part of town right after the first of the year? That’s a down time for the travel industry, which means you’ll come across more viable options than you will if you wait till the last minute. Plus, you might even be able to finagle a discount if you book early, giving you the peace of mind that comes with having a plan set in advance.

Think Like a Tourist

Anticipate the same sort of questions you’d need answers to if you were to travel to another state or country. For instance, where will you buy groceries or park the car or plug in the laptop or take the dog for a walk or find emergency health supplies or bring your car if it breaks down or do your laundry? It’s a long list of things to investigate! Plus, will your neighbors quiet? What is nearby for fun, faith or food? There are a million questions you’d ask if you traveled out of state, and you should absolutely ask the same questions when traveling in state. Don’t assume you know, as every area is different.

Have a Vacation Mindset!

You can discover new people, places and even cultures by heading to the sort of attractions (museums, landmarks, nature preserves, etc.) that travel sites recommend. Search for your town and read the reviews. Look up “Things to Do.”

Take advantage of your staycation by engaging in activities might never have the opportunity to experience otherwise.

But, really, the bottom line is that nothing says relax like a temporary change of address. Staycations are growing in popularity as people opt to save money and avoid the hassle usually involved with travel, making short-term apartment rentals a great resource to take advantage of!

Happy staycationing everyone!

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