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How to Use Your iPhone to Search for Apartments

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The best way to use your iPhone to search for apartments is to download an application. The iPhone has garnered amazing amount of publicity, and the number of iPhone users continues to grow. If you’re one of them, take advantage of some free and paid applications when you’re looking for your next apartment. Here’s how: […] read more

Does a Criminal Record Prevent You from Leasing an Apartment?

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While the process of leasing an apartment may be tricky to some, those with a criminal record may find it almost impossible. A criminal record may prevent the leasing of an apartment. However, there may be some steps to take to turn the impossible into something manageable. Be Upfront About The Past A landlord might […] read more

Finding the Right Apartment: Is One Bathroom Enough?

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Finding the right apartment is all about knowing what you need. Since individual preferences differ, the apartment that is suitable for your friend may not be what’s best suited for you. Apartment amenities are also of varying importance from one person to the next. An amenity that is considered important by most, however, is having […] read more

What to Look for in a Beach Apartment

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When searching for the best beach apartment, there are a few key elements to look for. Location, easy access, and safety are all important factors to keep in mind when locating the best beach apartment. Location When choosing a location to rent, keep in mind that location is everything. You would want something that is […] read more

The Benefits of Renting a Privately-Owned Home

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Renting a privately owned home carries many benefits that are superior to renting apartments and other multi-family units. If you have the choice between renting a home and renting an apartment, and the rent payment the homeowner wants is affordable, then you should rent the privately owned home. Here are just a few reasons why: […] read more

5 Things to Consider before Renting a Room

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Renting a room is a wise choice in many situations. However, before renting a room, there are a number of things that you want to take into consideration. A room rental situation can be for weeks, months or even years. The more effort you make to create a happy situation for yourself in renting the […] read more

How to Rent Luxury Apartments without Overspending

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There are a few things to consider to avoid overspending when looking to rent luxury apartments. It is wise to explore ways to save initially, prior to moving in, as well as savings that can expand throughout the life of the lease. Its important to have a plan of attack before the search even begins. Be a smart, money conscious renter […] read more

Finding Furnished Apartments for Rent Abroad

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Finding furnished apartments for rent in a foreign city doesn’t have to be challenging. You can use the same methods you would use in the United States for finding an apartment. Technology is of great use when trying to find a home overseas, in the form of social networking sites and general websites that list […] read more

Finding Low Income Apartments for Rent

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There are many ways to find an apartment but finding low income apartments for rent takes patience, organization and a lot of legwork. What Is Low Income Housing? In a rental application, the specifics vary state to state and county to county but generally speaking, about thirty percent of a person’s monthly income is applied […] read more