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Landlord explains an apartment floor plan to prospective tenants.

3 Easy Tips for Reading Apartment Floor Plans

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If you’re looking for an apartment online, you might see an attached floor plan to help you understand the dimensions and layout of the space. However, reading, and better yet, actually understanding the floor plan is essential to getting to know an apartment and all it has to offer. So, how do you go about […] read more

Apartment Tour

Everything to Look For When Touring an Apartment

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Finding your next home can be an exciting time! But just because an apartment looks like your dream home doesn’t mean that it necessarily is. There are a number of things to look for when touring an apartment — things that are best found out sooner rather than later, lest you should find yourself in […] read more

How to Take Advantage of a Rent Control Law

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Rent control laws can be quite restrictive but are not necessarily exclusionary. Taking advantage of rent control laws is more than possible, but requires forethought, planning and savvy. Because of the low cost of rent controlled apartments and the high demand, it may be quite difficult to find an available, rent controlled apartment. As such, […] read more

Apartment Laundry: Is In-Unit Laundry Worth the Trouble?

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When looking for an apartment, considering whether or not an in-unit apartment laundry is worth the trouble is an important decision. Compare the advantages to disadvantages of having an in-unit laundry before you decide. Additional Cost: Raises Rent With little exception, an in-unit apartment laundry drives up the cost of monthly rent for an apartment. […] read more

How to Use an Apartment Search Engine

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An apartment search engine is a great place to start your search for a new apartment because it often contains massive amounts of information in one place. However, because of the large amount of information such engines contain, creating a productive and informative search can be difficult. Follow the tips below to make your search […] read more